Berehynia is a nereid and the immortal consort to Ornus, god of Earth. She is seen as a hearth mother, protectoress of the home.

Originally, obscure shadowy ghost-like naiads and rusalkas lived along the rivers, lakes and ponds and were considered ill-tempered and dangerous. A water-bank where they thought to be found was to be avoided by young men and women, especially in the dark.

However, since Berehynia settled down with the calm god of steel, she has allowed rivers to be more accessible to man.

Several Vathroni writers seek to personify their vision of an ideal Vathroni woman through her portrayal. Consequently, Berehynia also has a place in Vathroni nationalism, feminism, and spiritualism.

A column with a monument to Berehynia on top, as a protector of Vyknir, was erected in the center of the city.

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