Beatrix de Alexandria
Beatrix de Alexandria
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Aeros, Canstice
Date of Birth Florven,
1323 NS
Home Alexandria
Alias The Rose of Alexandria
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members Adelbert Steiner (Husband)
Jonlan Steiner (Son)
Occupation King's Blade (Retired)
Loyalty Alexandria
the Steiner Family

"I once killed a hundred knights single-handedly…to me, you two are nothing more than insects."
—Beatrix de Alexandria

Beatrix de Alexandria was the King's Blade under garnet-xvii. She wielded the famous longsword Save the Queen. Beatrix was respected among warriors all around the world as the finest of them all.

She married the leader of the Dreadborn Knights, Adelbert Steiner, and gave birth to a son, Jonlan Steiner, who has taken over his father's position as the Dreadborn leader.

The heroic and legendary swordsmanship of Beatrix is known far and wide across the world, and Beatrix holds the title of the “Best swordsman in the continent”. Because of such fearsome power, she is often called “The cold-blooded woman who silences even the crying infant” or “Beatrix who felled 100 men” .


Early life

Beatrix was born in Aeros. While visiting Alexandria she began to like the city and on her sixteen birthday she joined the all-female town guard. Years of training later she was promoted to Knight Commander.

Queen's Blade

Beatrix served as the Queen's blade until Brahm's death and Garnet took the throne, where she served under her for a short time. During this a romance happened between Steiner and Beatrix.


Appearance and Personality

Beatrix has a tall, slender, and curvy body type with chestnut brown hair curled at the end. She wears a silver eye patch over her right eye with the left is blue. She also has the habit of frequently tossing back her hair with her hand. She wears hardly any armor compared to the heavily clad Steiner, and as a result is much more speedy. Her clothing consists of a red and white top with a rose embalmed on the back over a pair of leather, reddish-brown pants tucked within a pair of mail boots. A belt is tucked around her waist at an angle, holding her sword, Save the Queen, behind her.

Beatrix is noble, proud, and most of all loyal to Alexandria and the Alexandrian royal family. She is quite confident in her ability as a soldier, and can be seen as being arrogant because of this. Beatrix also has an outstanding ability as a leader, collecting loyalty and admiration from both the public and the soldiers under her. As for her behavior, she is soft spoken and addresses people with perfect manners, be it to her soldiers or to an enemy, yet she shows no mercy for one who poses a threat against Alexandria. From her loyalty, Beatrix acts solely as a soldier, obeying orders without hesitation or showing any emotion.

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