Battle of Titan's Ride
Battle of Titan's Ride
Part of the First Lycanthropic War
As portrayed in
Fall of the Titan
Date 1,362 PI
Location Titan's Ride, Versipellus
Result Victory for the
Aquarian Republic
Aquarian Republic Versipellus
Decimus Titurius
Romulus the Titan
Virellius Sofius
Seventh Aquarian Legion
(100 men)
(11 Cavalry)
(6 Auxillery)
(1 Alchemist)
more than 150

The Battle of Titan's Ride was the battle that began the First Lycanthropic War. Just a single legion of Aquarian troops successfully defended against an intense assault by over 150 werewolf warriors. The massive, but piecemeal, werewolf attacks on the legion came very close to defeating the force but were ultimately repelled.

The account of the battle comes from the lone surviving officer of the legion, Thanos.


The Battle


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