Battle of Open Graves
Battle of Open Graves
Date 906 NS
Location Alexandria,
Ten Horns
Result Victory for the Alexandria
Red Flight Dragoons
Alexandrian Guard
Alexandria City Militia
Undead Horde
Ezzerbarin the Mighty Xananua the Deathwhore
Mort Kemnon
> 30,000 < 100,000

The Battle of Open Graves was the first rise of Xananua the Deathwhore.



Xananua began attacking towns and even layed siege on Alexandria by animating the Burial Grounds.

Mort Kemnon's retreat

Kemnon with his mistress in the fighting, but he abandoned Xananua and escaped when the battle turned against them.

She was stopped by a group of mages lead by Ezzerbarin the Mighty.


Xananua was imprisoned in the Alexandrian Dungeons.

The Bluecloaks

The group of mages lead by Ezzerbarin were awarded accolades and became the first formation of the Bluecloaks, a branch of the Alexandrian Guard with jurisdiction over magical crimes.

Xananua's Escape

In 1372, Xanaua escaped her imprisonment with the help of her toad familiar.

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