Bandit Wars
Bandit Wars
Date 296 - 291 PI
Location Goldwood
Bandits of the Goldwood Otland
Commanders and leaders
Darius the Daring Ser Evaldas Alija
Lord Grels Storatorn
Ser Albrekt Dahlgren
Battle of Valdukis - Rykste Massacre

The Bandit Wars refers to a series of raids in the Goldwood started in 296 PI before finally culminating in 291 PI that were carried out by Otlandic knights. Before 292, Hamerstoc was responsible for most of the attacks but in the spring of 291 the Crown of Otland began launching their own raids.

The plan called for a class war, to rid the Otlandic borders of peasant population, and the strengthening of the border to protect against any bandits coming south. The knights sought out anyone who was a bandit, related to the bandits or who could possibly become bandits. However, House Routronia was never able to launch a full-scale invasion of the Goldwood so they resorted to conducting small raids into the southern sections.


House Alija's invasions

Lead by Ser Evaldas Alija.

Routronia Campaign

Death of Prince Ulrik Routronia during the Battle of Valdukis. Crown goes apeshit. Sends personal guard to show no mercy on the populace. Lord Grels Storatorn, personal guard of the king, lead the assault. The valiant knight Ser Albrekt Dahlgren was also part of the detachment.

Abandonment of the Goldwood

After much difficulty attempting to probe further into the woods, Ser Albrekt Dahlgren petitioned the crown to consider the campaign victorious, cut losses and leave. The crown listened and pulled the knights back.

Military installations

Several forts were built in order to hold the southern reaches of the Goldwood.

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