Biographical Information
Location of Birth Alexandria
Date of Birth 1335
Home Ironwrought
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Archmage
Master of Transmutation
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Zhi Hulu (wife)
Martin vel'Bykaŭ (father)
Kari vel'Bykaŭ (mother)
Letti (sister)
House vel'Bykaŭ
Occupation Wizard
Wizard Circle Council of Nine
Loyalty ?

"I'm not really the heroic type. I was beat up by pixies."

Manfred Balbaroy ab vel'Bykaŭ is a notable wizard, transmutationist, alchemist and a current member of the Council of Nine as the Master of Transmutation. He is considerably wealthy and lives in his formidable fortress, Ironwrought which lies in the Velorn Reaches.

Although human, Balbaroy usually appears as a massive ogre.


Early life

Born the son of Kari, a bookbinder, and Martin, a jeweler, Balbaroy's grandparents were Doliaeth from Rindland, later immigrating to Alexandria. Both of his parents were born in Alexandria. His childhood was not particularly happy: his parents did not get along, and he had a rocky relationship with his stern, temperamental mother. Balbaroy spoke Dwarven quite a bit during his early years.

Wizard training

While attending school for eight years, he lived in an apartment. Unlike his later years, he was more interested in sports than school but his weak arms ensured he was picked last for teams. He impressed teachers with his extraordinary talent at magic but he was always at the mercy of bullies and was savagely beaten by children of all races and creeds. He took apprenticeship under the transmuter David Alderi and lived in Evandra for the next several years of his life. Later, he learned via self-study rather than from his master. He eventually taught at Mt. Leshal University in Valtur. He also studied with Transmutationist Professor Sojal Irge.

He began to call himself only by his surname. He was already earning more than both of his parents combined.

Taking Beijin through Durzagon

In 1368, Balbaroy had a chance encounter with the beautiful Zhi Bei-jin (Zhǐ Bèi Jìn), scion of the Imperial Zhi family. The wizard Chernomor had kidnapped her and her daughter, Zhi Hulu (Zhǐ Hú-liú), and Balbaroy was able to negotiate their release. However, a contingent of the Shaoan forces heard about his possession of the two Zhis, and they chased Balbaroy all over Durzagon. During this time, Beijin fell in love with Balbaroy and the two had a brief affair. After Balbaroy delivered Beijin to a safe location in Badikhiya, Hulu secretly followed Balbaroy back to Nora. They live together in Ironwrought.

Council of Nine

In 1372, the reformation of the Council of Nine came and the Mordenkainen chose Balbaroy as the new Master of Transmutation. Many of the other Masters knew Balbaroy was the least experienced of their number and that cause Balbaroy to revert back to the meager personality he had in his primary schooling. The Mordenkainen reassured him that he didn't pick him for nothing.

The Hourglass Tower

see A Tower in Time

Appearance and Personality

Although he rarely appears outside of Ironwrought in his natural form, Balbaroy is a short, slight person, with wispy hair and a homely face. He has always carried a poor self image and has many regular alternate forms he greatly prefers. The most known is that of his Ogre form.

Though Balbaroy is often blustery and overbearing, he suffers from low self-esteem and cowardice.

Powers and Abilities




Having taken a great interest in Psychology, Balbaroy has begun to collect treatises on the new field of study, but has yet to contribute in any meaningful way.


Balbaroy is skilled with the bassoon.

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