Biographical Information
Location of Birth Gardenia
Date of Birth 1137 NS
Home Mooncrystal,
Title The Night Angel
Physical Description
Race Chimera (Half Dragon,
Half Celestial Drow)
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brass
Family Information
Family Members Azaphiel (Mother)
Altamakhri’arid (Father)
Occupation Sheriff of Mooncrystal
Loyalty Armies of Light

Azzel, also known as Azzel Angelkin, and the Night Angel, is an ancient being descended from Gardenia. He is a being with three ancestries (known as a chimera), his mother a celestial drow, and his father a brass dragon. Azzel was placed on the mortal plane as a guardian for the fledgling wizard, Ke'Vadar.

Azzel described as having a majestic beauty, is a little over five feet tall and has the dark ebony skin and white hair of a drow. His skin, however is covered with fine black scales that hint to his draconic blood. Small hornlets also grow from his brow. From his back are feathered wings of brass color. He usually carries his magical bow with him on his back. Azzel also frequently arms himself with a heavenly greatsword. Azzel rarely wears gloves or shoes because of his clawed hands and feet.

Drawing from training by both his dragon father and the Armies of Light, Azzel seems to have no equal in battle. He prefers a head on charge and fights with reckless abandon. Azzel has been known to crush metal and stone alike in his righteous furies. His immense strength is capable of destroying castle walls, steel doors and even plates of adamantine.


Training with Saphriel

Hand of Mortath

Council of Nine

A Living Bracelet

Appearance and Personality

Powers and Abilities

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