location in world
Capital ?
Largest City Ras Shamra
Demonym Aventi
Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Common, Aquan, Aventi

Aventus is a legendary island and the ancestral homeland of humankind. Aventus was a naval power that was said to have dominions over all the seas and rivers of the world. After a failed invasion, Aventus sank into the ocean in a single day and night of misfortune.

Aventus is now a land ruled by the powerful Dracolychi.

A lost psionic tradition, surrounding the crysteel formerly found on the island. Also myths of crystals with healing powers.


Atl Empire (8,100 - 3,900 PI)

see Atl

Originally, the land was known as Atl, a civilization of psions and half-beast men. That civilization was destroyed. The Atl Empire was perhaps the most vast empire ever known to history. The ancestral homeland to all humans.

Humans were actually a servitor race to the tritons and served as their will on the surface.


When the cataclysm occurred, much of Aventus sank below the waves and all life on the surface was destroyed.

Menyoh Aventus

Rediscovery (c1,500 PI)

The continent was rediscovered by explorers from the Aquarian Empire, who resettled it. The settlers here were unaffected by the fall of Aquarius and continued their culture unaware of the collapse of the empire.

The settlers have changed as the years went on and now no longer identify with the Aquarians.

Rise of the Dracolychi (141 PI)

Modern Aventus


Dracolychine Triumvirate


Ras Shamra

The capital. A city of Rings.

Holy City Lel

A mountain city.


Belsaba's city.


The foundations of Ras Shamra were divided into "quarters." In the north-east quarter of the walled enclosure the remains of three significant buildings were unearthed; the temples and the library (sometimes referred to as the high priest's house). The Baal cycle represents Anu's destruction of Leviathan, demonstrating the central theme of the Chaoswar, a warrior god rises up as the hero of the new pantheon to defeat chaos and bring order.

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