Avatar of Magic

The Avatar of Magic is the magical incarnation of the powers of an ancient wizard, considered to be the greatest spellcaster to ever live. Throughout the ages, several incarnations of the Avatar have served to maintain harmony in magic. Each Avatar is born in a certain order, characterized by a type of moon during their birth. Felan Prestone was the Wolf Moon, while Ke'vadar is the Blood Moon.


Aquarian Empire

Early Four Brothers's Era

Dark Empire

Second Hellgate War

Deathsong Plague


Severing War

Known Avatars

  • cetsa-rerumus (Ghost Moon); c1500 PI
  • Felan Prestone (Wolf Moon); 315 PI - 295 NS
  • Crow Moon
  • Fish Moon
  • Hare Moon
  • Rose Moon
  • Thunder Moon
  • Grain Moon
  • Fruit Moon
  • Ke'Vadar (Blood Moon); 1247 NS - Current
  • (Hunter's Moon) - next in the cycle
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