Aurel II
Aurel II d'Aveneau
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 4 NS
Date of Death
55 NS
Home ?
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color ?
Family Information
House / Clan House d'Aveneau
Family Members Cléo du'Bélvésire (wife)
Aurélien d'Aveneau (son)
Oswald d'Aveneau (son)
Aurel d'Aveneau (father)
Occupation King
Loyalty ?

Aurel II was king of Canstice from 36 NS to ?. During his early reign he had a reputation as a weak ruler. Also called Aurel the Bastard.

religious but doesnt care about education

The Oracle, lost a war, strengthened the church, married well



Early rule

Aurel's Prophecy

Aurel II spouted a prophecy while in a fever in his court. It was witnessed by many courtiers and well documented.


Relations with the Church of Light

Appearance and personality

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