Atzintli-Naga Empire

The Atzintli-Naga Empire was an ancient empire of naga that is believed to be the earliest civilization of the lesser races. It lasted from c9,000 - 6,200 PI.


The Bluog Seirff Sea was a major territory of the empire. Salvatore and Levetiera were also.


see Atl calendar

Couatls were once allied with nagas and kings of the Naga Empire. They made a decision to defect and fight the naga and their evil state. They teamed up with the titans to do this. One of the Couatl Lords to fight against the naga was the couatl who would become Rana the Deathworm.

The nagas enslaved the humans of Aventus. They were overthrown by the mythic Hero-King Ohr.


Naga kings are known as Nagarajas.

King Irda is a massive ha-naga nagaraja residing in the undercity of Alexandria. He is the last nagaraja king of Atzintli-Naga.

The naga created dinosaurs as beasts of burden. Enslaved with brain-boxes.

Nibiru and Tiamat

Nibiru and Tiamat are the names of two bright stars in the sky. Naga myth tells of the end of the world when the two stars clash together and collide with the world, causing a great heat with will burn the world to ash.


see Qitu

Qītu is a ritualized bloodsport where two opposing teams throw a disc to a teammate in an endzone. It is very violent and ends with the losing team being sacrificed.

The sport itself is seen as the ultimate purpose of the world and is central to Atzintli culture. The game is seen as symbolic for the conclusion of the story of the world; at the end of everything, there will only be a game of Qītu. It is always held near the end of the day as the sun sets, which causes more difficulty for a team facing the sunset, and difficulty for both teams once it is dark.

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