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Aliases ?
Size Small City
Location Allure, Ilefain
Ruler Duke Alberto Caetano
Population 5,400
Exports ?

Athipel (aardian: Altepetl, draconic: Altipalla) is the second largest city in Allure, after Fairport. It lies on the south-western coast of the Dragonmaw where the River Chorando empties out. The city is built straddling both sides of the river connected by bridges.

Athipel is a major port and trading hub, acting as a gateway to Los Torres and the rest of Salvatore. It is a wealthy city, where money flows freely and many are able to live comfortably. Items of fine quality always flow through the city, allowing even the poorest of residents to have what little they own to be finely made.

It is the political center of Allure, with all major noble Allurian houses owning an estate within the city. Also, several noble houses from outside Allure own estates in or near the city as well.

Allure is a city built on many different layers of architecture, having changed hands constantly throughout the years. As an old city in prime portage territory, all the major empires and rulers over the years have laid claim to Athipel.


1055 Earthquake

Districts and Features

  • University complete with library and Wizard Circle tower - very old, one of the first; founded 229 NS Founded by the Duke of Allure. Was closed 793-1196.
  • Citadel Melhor; Large fortified castle due to wars - inside is a mysterious black coffin
  • Royal palace
  • big statues of the twelves gods along the mouth of the river
  • docks district
  • large fountain district - residential
  • statue of a famous duke
  • city squares
  • famous poet from here
  • many members of the compass society from here - also home to a major lodge
  • playwright with dark humor lives here
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