The Atheldene (a-thel-deen) are a half eladrin people derived from a interbreeding between Erwysh humans and eladrin refugees from Tir Maith during the Four Brothers Era.


Physical characteristics

Atheldene appear in many ways similar to half-elves, and like the latter race, are commonly mistaken for one side of their ancestry by the other half, with eladrin seeing them as humans and humans seeing them as eladrin. Height wise, Atheldene stand somewhere between their parents and they usually weigh in about the same. Atheldene are typically fairer and smoother-skinned than their human counterparts and most Atheldene possess eyes of striking color, such as purple or orange. Typically, Atheldene exhibit a pale, bluish tint around the ears and chin with hair of gold.

Atheldene live roughly 180 years and achieve full maturity around the time they turn twenty.

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