Assault on Fort Reis

Assault on Fort Reis is a saga set in 209 PI (1344 arc) during the Second Burning War near Fort Reis in the eastern Kingdom of Brehr.

Table of Contents


Five adventurers, hired by Duke Waden d'Verdeaux of the Kingdom of Coranthe, entered the nearby village of Zuinig in disguise. Their mission was to sabotage the enemy holding, Fort Reis, investigate rumors of Brehr using strange reptilian creatures to their bidding, and recover letters sent to Lord Ludger Wenne, captain of the fortress, from Lord Diederik Stormshield, who controls Rivertown, a valuable border crossing.

Once arrived, Braveheart, the druid, sent his falcon to reconnoiter the fortress up the hill and found several sentries, three outriders and two copses of forest. In the village square hung a man condemned by Ser Ludger for eating from the knight's favorite peach tree. Outside the village tavern, they spotted a horse wearing Brehr colors. They entered the tavern and saw a lone outrider, off duty from the fort. The adventurers began conspiring amongst themselves how best to tackle the fort.

However, in the middle of their discussion, the soldier approached their table and asked what a bunch of strangers are doing in this village and what village they were from. Rosemary, the ranger, attempted a deception and explained they were from the village of Stenweg, but the soldier didn't seem happy with her answer. He finished his ale and began to walk out of the tavern.


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