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Aliases ?
Size Village
Location Erdrafos,
Ruler Averardo il'Lunato
Population ?
Exports ?

Asona is an unwalled village in Erdrafos. Due to the influx of both refugees from Calori and crusaders coming to fight to dark tide, Asona has become something of a boom town.

It is ruled over by House il'Lunato.


Battle Against the Elder of Annihilation (1373)

Boom Town (1380)


The Harrows

The nearby graveyard and gallows that the Count Corrado il'Alturri III (Corrado Cruelhands) would condemn criminals to. It has been decommisioned and avoided.

The Chapel of Holy Templars

Church of Light chapel. Fortified with extensive crypts below known as the Elder Crypts which houses the dead of the village since 1374. The chapel is adorned with gargoyles, though one particular one seems to always be in different positions.

Old Helm Inn

Caters to adventurers and mercenaries.

Fort Neverest

House of Three Sisters

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