Ashen Path

The Ashen Path is a cruel and secret organization and philosophy promoting undeath that has been active for thousands of years. This cult views itself as the de facto ruler of all undead across Nora. Through a series of rituals the Path connects undead-only portals to the catacombs and crypts of the world, raises the interred and uses them as hives.

The Ashen Path got its start in a lost tomb where the founder scribed the Ashen Tablet onto stone tablets. The Tablet predicted the slow expansion of the cult over the centuries.

The organization's headquarters in the catacombs of an ancient castle next to the Beastwood in Vatharond. The region has long had a reputation for being haunted, and the Ashen Path uses these stories to cover its activities. While the organization is primarily made up the undead, it does employ a limited number of living allies, which it uses as spies and traders to procure the exotic components required for the cult's rituals. Most of the cult's members are specters and ghosts, called up by the Path's rituals.

The Ashen Path is hostile to all other cults and kingdoms of the undead. Skirmishes have already been fought between the major undead powers, with a full war brewing in the catacombs of the world.

Its current leader is the powerful mummy, Nemesis.



The central philosophy of the Ashen Path is that undeath is the truest form of existence. The undead know no pain and no fear, and so have nothing to distract them from their pursuit of power. Living creatures are seen as pitiful and pointless. Unsurprisingly, the organization is heavily involved with necromancy. On a basic level, the Ashen Path is the quest for unlife, lichdom being the preferred result, but the underlying philosophy is that power over life and death is a natural right to those with enough power. This theory is often extended to the belief that the living world is unworthy, and thus needs to be destroyed, or at least cleansed of the living.

Its adherents add to the organization's membership by corrupting talented individuals with whispered promises of power and eternal existence.

Much of the faction’s knowledge is kept by the lore keepers, undead lords who have each memorized a single aspect of the faction’s lore.


The Ashen Path gladly takes any vampire into its ranks, and the first lieutenant of Alexanderia Hive, Malign Lichter, is said to be a vampire of immense power. When a vampire enters the ranks of the Path, they bestow upon him an anrecht; a name befitting of the fearsomeness of the vampire.

Sample existing anrechts are: Ail, Carcass, Death, Solemn Sorrow.

Notable Hives

Alexandria Hive

Ruled by the Duchess and her chosen minions, Malign Lichter and her dreadwraith.

Jaress Hive

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