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Race Mind Flayer
Eye Color Green
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"Afraid? Good…"

Asamed is a mind flayer lich, known as an alhoon. It is a powerful sorcerer and the Master of Necromancy.



Not much is known of Asamed's background as a humanoid.

Fall of Suryg

The illithid city, Suryg, was destroyed in a random fashion by a uncommonly large nightcrawler. The elder brain was destroyed and the entire population were raised against their brothers and then left to rot once the undead creature fed on their energies. The only survivor of this encounter was a lone mind flayer, though it suffered the loss of an arm.


"Independence… uncomfortable."

The mind flayer left the tomb-city and traveled into Sekamina, the middle layer of Dar-Kunor.



Joining the Council

Ke'Vadar and the Ulitharid

Powers and Abilities


Astral shift

Asamed exists in a closer state to the astral plane than normal creatures and object of the prime. The allows him to step into the astral realm at will. It also brings a frustrating side effect which renders him impossible to locate through magical means. All spells which rely on his location, which can be anything from scrying to sending magical messages, automatically fail.

Appearance and Personality

"Satisfied… I will join."

Asamed is a survivor to the core. All of its moves further the continuation of its own existence. This means allying with creatures one would not expect a mind flayer or even a lich to ally with, due to ego or hatred. Asamed puts aside personal preferences in favor of the logical outcomes of dealings. It has no time for taboos, preconceptions, myth or guess-work. Fact is what matters and personal experience, more-so.

As its jawless mouth cannot properly speak surface languages, Asamed prefers to communicate through telepathy. This communication usually takes the form of pure concepts and attitudes, leaving out any need for a simulation of grammar or syntax of any kind.

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