A List of Artifacts, Objects and Flora

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Nora is home to many objects that, when named, bring to mind heroic imagery or terrible fear. Some are magical, some infused with powers of shadow or mind, still others have no special feature save their craftsmanship and fame.

Unique Artifacts and Magic Items

Chlorthrax’s Ring of Blight

A ring made of magically hardened belladonna. The wearer of the ring may cast the spell blight at will. As a side-effect of the crafting of the ring, any lycanthrope that touches the ring is damaged.

The ring is also cursed.

Death Heart

see Death Heart

Deck of Many Things

see Deck of Many Things

Dew Droplet Amulet

A blue necklace capable of creating water.

Devil Gates

The devil gates are a series of interconnected portals which can only be utilized by devils or those with bloodlines tainted by devils, including tieflings. As devils seldom use doors, they are used as a method of security and travel, with one gate usually in the next room as its match.

Hand of Mortath

see Hand of Mortath

Kyrkogrim Candle

see Kyrkogrim Candle

Lune Staff

The Lune Staves are staffs usually made by the mages of Lorasia. They bestow magical defensive power to the bearer. The archmage Ke'Vadar was given one as a gift during his short time in that land.

The Mithral Crown

see the Mithral Crown

Orb of Darkness

Orb of Earth

Orb of Fire

see Orb of Fire

Orb of Light

Orb of Water

Orb of Wind


Shepherd's Staff

Twelve Holy Books

see Twelve Holy Books


Mundane Items


see Caber


Special Materials

  • Adamantine
  • Blackstone: Blackstone is a stone material that, when affected by magic, animates chaotically. The material is used by drow to create golems called Blackstone Gigants and replace lost limbs, even though prolonged physical contact with the stone causes madness.
  • Bloodstone: A type of red marble found only in the Vin-Roshu Hills of Ibben, it is popular as a prestigious building material for decorative use. Local folklore says that evil spirits live in the stone and thirst for blood. It may not be coincidence that a large number of murders have taken place in rooms decorated using the stone, though that has not slowed its use. It is also popular as a material for fireplaces and as a top for furniture such as commodes or tables.
  • Bronzewood
  • Cinnabryl
  • Ironwood
  • Mithral
  • Moonstone
  • Orium
  • Red Steel
  • Varthallan Steel: Only found in the Varthalla Islands, this steel is difficult to work with and only masterwork items can be made with it. It is resistant to breaking, having above average hardness and hit points and grants a +2 to sunder attempts.
  • Vermeil




Bolca, native to Nicoboa, contains a powerful stimulant in its leaves and has a significant role in halfling culture. The bolca bush is a tall, thorny bush with straight branches and green leaves and small white flowers. It grows on the slopes of mountains of all the islands of Nicoboa.

The leaves are cultivated by halflings, kept in woven pouches and chewed to create a pleasant spicy taste. The chewing of bolca leaves are said to extend one's lifespan.


Bright pink flowers that has sleep inducing pollen.

Hywen Tree

A many branched tree that grows in lakes and marshes. Used by the elves to create bows.


The llin bush is a small plant with blue flowers. The seeds of the plant have many uses.


Mabi is a sweet fruit native to Nicoboa. They are usually 4 to 12 cm long, round or oval shaped, with soft skin and a notable, striking fragrance. Its color is blue before maturity and is poisonous, but when ripe it is colored a deep red and safe to eat. The fruit is used to make fermented drinks loved by all halflings. It is also used to settle upset stomachs.

The fruit are not only relished by the halflings of the islands, but by many mammals and birds as well. The wood and leaves of the mabi tree is used for meat smoking by the halflings, providing a nice smoked flavor and scent to the meat.

Mawrion Tree

see Mawrion Tree


see Sholas


White Bamboo

Called asethedig by the elves, it is a type of bamboo which grows in Thantena Forest. The elves use the stalks for many purposes, including the creation of druid scrolls.


Yellowmusk Vines


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