Arthur Birkens
Arthur Birkens
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Heuaft, Vatharond
Date of Birth 1350 NS
Home Heuaft
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Nikolas Birkens (Father)
The Nightingale (Cousin)
Occupation Adventurer
Loyalty Vatharond

Arthur Birkens is an archer and adventurer who is the cousin to the bandit lord known as The Nightingale. He began his adventures when he, with the help of Ranita Riverchild uncovered a plot by his father to force his village to relocate to Elby and therefore join the Order of Praavda.

Arthur was given a Zolmir blade by Sangar Zolmir II. The sword was forged by Sangar the Maimed during his imprisonment in the Temple of Truth.


Childhood sickness

The Beast of Heuaft Village

Adventures in Elby

Taking Ranita to the Witch-Woman

Lake Nhea and departing from Rani


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