Artemis d'Bastion
Artemis d'Bastion
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Alexandria
Date of Birth Galven 17,
1361 NS
Home Alexandria
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Family Information
House House d'Bastion
Family Members Adrian d'Bastion (Father)
Alexandrea d'Bastion (mother)
Ector d'Bastion (uncle)
Hadley Blackhorn (uncle)
Quinn Blackhorn (aunt)
Raesha Blackhorn (aunt)
Deacon Blackhorn (cousin)
Alexander d'Bastion (grandfather)
Marceyne d'Bastion (grandmother)
Gabriel Blackhorn (grandfather)
Rufina Blackhorn (grandmother)
Occupation Squire
Loyalty Ke'Vadar
House d'Bastion

Artemis d'Bastion is the son of Adrian d'Bastion, Lord Mayor of Alexandria. During his youth, Artemis's father decided that the boy was too ill behaved and apprenticed him out to the wizard Ke'Vadar for training. After a year of adventuring, Artemis returned home with a new found respect for his station.

He has grown very fond of Mary Hamundy.


Early Years

Artemis was born to Lord Mayor Adrian d'Bastion and Alexandrea d'Bastion. He was largely raised by an ever rotating collection of nannies, butlers and servantfolk, all of them leaving before Artemis could gain a connection to. He wanted for very little and gained a spoiled spirit because of it.

After his mother died in 1370, Artemis began acting out. He was challenged by his cousin Deacon Blackhorn to a dangerous horse race through the Alexandrian city streets. Artemis won, but his father was very angry. Artemis's beloved horse was sold to a Vathroni baron. Artemis grew even more angry and rebellious.

His early life is punctuated by tragedy and loss.

Tutelage under Ke'Vadar

In 1372, Adrian d'Bastion was nearing his wits end trying to care for his son and be minister to the largest city in the Allied Kingdoms. At this time, Adrian was met by a group of adventurers (including the Avatar of Magic, Ke'Vadar) who were seeking access to Epsilon's Castle, in the dungeons underneath Castle Alexandria. Adrian saw an opportunity and allowed the group access under the condition that once they emerge from the depths, they take Artemis on their travels with them.


Artemis served as squire to Silas Valligan in the early parts of the Severing War.

Alternate Future

When Ke'Vadar and his fellow adventurers were frozen in time via a stasis spell, they saw a much changed Alexandria, now known as Master Clock, ruled by the demoness Daemon. Daemon was assisted by a mysterious Black Knight who rode on a black unicorn. When assaulting Master Clock in an attempt to reverse time, it was revealed that the black knight was Artemis, grown bitter and evil over the years due to abandonment and resentment. Azzel killed Artemis before defeating Daemon and returning to their original time.

Appearance and personality

Unfairness and injustice are intolerable. Whenever Artemis witnesses them, he feels compelled to act or speak out. When he's personally wronged, he requires appeasement—or revenge if he don’t receive it.

Powers and abilities

Magical Abilities

Artemis picked up a few magic spells from his time with Ke'Vadar.

Notable Items

young Artemis

Azzel's Bracelet

Leonard's Amulet


Had a romantic fling or two but no commitments.

Mary Hammundy



Azzel and Leonard

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