Argentis calendar

The Argentis calendar is the most widely used calendar in Nora. It was created by Argentis Argantum, royal high magus under Exalted King Alexander. It is a reform of the Elkan calendar.

The years are numbered from the year of Elknor the Wretched's defeat at the hands of Alexander, which has been labeled Nora Spell (NS). The years numbering before that are labeled Pro Iunctum (PI). There is no 'year zero' as 1 PI proceeds directly to 1 NS.


There are thirteen months in the year following the cycle of Yunis. The year begins with Sephir 1st being the winter solstice.






Within the months are four weeks, each with seven days. Calculating the day of the week based on the date is simple due to the stability of the calendar. There are a total of 364 days in the year.

  • Claritum
  • Luptum
  • Ollatum
  • Hastum
  • Dractum
  • Tibitum
  • Arbortum

Holy Days

While most cultures and religious traditions have other holidays, these are the twelve that are most recognized across Nora.

  • Sephir 1 - Solvos: The Winter Solstice; a day for family and gift giving.
  • Malphir 11 - Dimaldi: A time of dark travelers and frightful things.
  • Daythal 11 - Gamel: A day of games and races.
  • Kalmnis 16 - Ezaban: Spring Equinox; celebration of life, animals and flora.
  • Florven 1 - Lamcart: A day for lovers.
  • Helphir 25 - Isolda: Summer Solstice; praise to the dragonspirits of Vatharond. Time for extended family to reunite.
  • Kroven 2 - Angelnoct: A day of fasting and prayer.
  • Kithal 8 - Falshengeb: A day for crafting and creation.
  • Kithal 13 - Carifest: A day of hunting, dancing and a feast.
  • Legis 22 - Ortlong: Autumn Equinox; solomn hope for the souls of the passed.
  • Erthal 17 - Alexmoot: Celebration of Pennynold Alexander's victory over Elknor the Wretched.
  • Erthal 27 - Nablensagh: A day of spontaneous joy and whimsy.

Other Holy Days

  • Malphir 2 - Mother's Night: The end of the worst of Winter. Important to the gnesis cults.
  • Daythal 24 - Pasătorie: The waning of Winter. Tiefling holy-day.
  • Florven 16 - Elfeast: Celebration over the victory against Winter. Old Vathroni holiday.
  • Erthal 12 - Winter Nights: The beginning of early Winter in Vatharond.
  • Late Fall - Breiradysgyn: The first snowfall of the year; einish holy-day.
  • Wyr
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