Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death
Home ?
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Dragonborn
Gender Female
Hair Color ?
Eye Color Cerulean
Family Information
House / Clan ?
Family Members ?
Occupation Soldier
Loyalty lords-alliance

Argentea is a dragonborn warlock.


Disgraced soldier

Was a quartermaster in a lord's army.

Made a terrible mistake in battle that cost many lives. She would do anything to keep that mistake a secret.

Pact with Hadar

Red Larch

Elemental Evil

Appearance and personality

Very independent. She can stare down a hellhound without flinching.

Her honor is her life.

Powers and abilities

Star pact with Hadar

arg's merc group was used as caravan guards for canstice.

arg is 17. pall is 22.

dragonborn females fire-cats are married to war and must remain unmarried for life.

only arg mother is alive. settlement 3

has six siblings. large family is considered fortunate.

family is high born. priest caste.

major disaster in childhood. obliterated home. fire caused by starfall. hadar-touched event. all siblings died. others were transformed by the meteor (mutants).mnants of settlement merged with another.

arg joins mercs at 15. begin caravan guarding.

fellow merc was a special type of merc who is a known criminal who can now only fight wars. he is untouchable / deathseeker. people dont associate with him, dont speak with him. he saves arg from a fight, saves her life and they begin to associate. he teaches her and some of his morality rubs off.

hobgob raid attacks caravan high profile - maybe a noble or artifact is in there. chest held with iron chains and locks. arg in desperation opens the chest. she is urged not to. she lets out the herald of hadar. pact is made - be destroyed or return life to those you love. the intent of saving lives is what allowed her to open the chest. each life taken by arg feeds hadar and draws it closer to the world so the star may feed.

hadar tells arg to go back to meteor and gain crystal.

during pact - bring back all but one sibling. go back to meteor and pick red crystal found inside. is a piece of crystal. like a geode part.

joined the lord's alliance.

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