Biographical Information
Location of Birth Thantena Forest
Date of Birth 1221 NS
Home Jaress, Ilefain
Birth Name Seren Aig Dynghedu
Titles Head of Magical Studies
Professor of Evocation
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation Head of Magical Studies
at the University of Jaress
Wizard Circle ?
Loyalty ?

Seren Aig Dynghedu, often simply Ardain, is the Head of Magical Studies and a professor of evocation at the University of Jaress. She is straightforward, pragmatic and oft times calculating in her thinking.


She was born in elven tribal lands, but moved to Jaress to escape the coming war in 1373.

The University Massacre

see The Archmages Saga: Universal

Ardain was trapped in the University with fellow professor Thomas d'Roux and was rescued by Felix Richter. She was later named Head of Magical Studies.

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