Archlan University
Archlan University
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Location Alexandria
Affiliation ?
Construction ?-?
Destroyed ?
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Archlan University is a university in Alexandria. Graduation requires mastery of 3rd circle spells, a final exam of knowledge of magic and other academia, and the creation of a new spell.

New students need a letter of recommendation from another mage.
Anyone can enter as long as they have shown some capabilities no matter the age nor the background
To know how much they have to pay as a tuition to enter they make an exam and if it goes really well they pay less.
There is a director, but in the exam and all important decision there is a professor of every subject, they are the highest personality i their own field.
Artificers, enchanters or scribes need places to work make a big workshop.
NOBODY enters the library with fire, only magic lights dont want those valuable tomes burning up.
That Weird ass professor that no one knows which class is he in care of but if you get to be his aprentice you will get far.
Catacombs or sewers where someone lives maybe a crazy student or a weird merchant
Strange secret passages long forgotten

You need a haunted/condemned/abandoned/ruined/forbidden wing of the academy.
An arboretum with all manner of exotic plants. A menagerie of magical and exotic animals.
Secret doors and passages.
A martial guard unit and barracks stationed either inside or outside the academy that serves as added defense and security.
Perhaps some type of guild consulate in town to coordinate magic guild activities with the academy. This could involve matters related to trade and recruitment, and it could tie into the magic guildhalls and other possible academies around the land.

Secret. Wizard. Fraternity/Sorority.
Every private school or wizard school has gotta have a secret society. They should have hazing and creepy rituals and stuff. Maybe a secret hidden room where they have all their meetings. For an added twist, they could present themselves to the world as a benevolent club of do-gooders (raising money for charity, tutoring kids, etc.) so the PCs are even more surprised when they find out they're actually some sort of crazy dark wizards or whatever.

For minor offenses, confining a student to their dorm room or giving them additional work is probably sufficient. But how would you hold a budding wizard who is a bit naughtier or more malicious? You probably want some sort of holding cell or prison designed to hold mages regardless of the spells they know.
What is the general populace's opinion about magic? Is a family proud when one of their children is accepted into the school? Is it more of a secret? Or is it more of a Dragonlance scenario where the population is fearful or actively hostile towards magic users? What defenses does the school have in the latter case?
Some of the experiments being performed are probably dangerous. There should be some specialized chambers in which those experiments can be performed safely by advanced students and their instructors. These may be isolated from the rest of the school, like in a tower that has to be accessed via a door with the outside rather than a hallway that connects to the rest of the buildings.
Some garden and/or menagerie from which the school can harvest spell components (and food) would also be useful. A nearby mine or cave could also provide minerals and gems (as well as bat guano, mushrooms, and other subterranean reagents.) A lake or pond could provide food, components, and (in a pinch) fresh water.

Social Rank Modifier mod rank of most important resident x3 King/Duke x2 Marquis/Count x1 Baron/Lord x½ Landed Knight
Step One: Determine Occupants
Important People: lord, lady, children, senior officials. Soldiers: Troops Servants: Household Staff • #Personal Servants = #important people x social modifier. • #Servants employed in Smithy & Stables = #Soldiers/20 • #Kitchen Staff = (Important People + Soldiers + Personal Servants + Smithy & Stable Workers)/20
Step Two: Living Quarters
Details Area of Room Lord & Lady 400-500 Guests/Adult Children 200-300 Children 30 each Servants/Troops 20 each • Barracks • Servery
Step Three: Utility Rooms
Room Area Kitchen 150+1 per person served Smithy 150+5 per soldier
Step Four: Gathering Rooms
Room Area Great Hall (14-20 ceiling) 500+50/person Common Hall 50+20/person Chapel ½ Great Hall
Step Five: Storage Rooms
Room Area Armoury 1/3 Smithy Pantry ½ Kitchen Buttery 1/3 Kitchen Cellars (15’ ceiling) 40 cubic ft./person/6 months Granary (15’ceiling) ½ Cellars Stables 100/horse (+25/HD) Storehouse 25 x social rank
Step Six: Other Spaces
Room Area Cistern 30 cubic feet = 250 gallons Garter Robes Toilets Stairs & Hallways Increase room sizes according to social rank.



Disaster of 1371

The Death of Ceol Arisen, the Archmage of Alexandria and his apprentices.


Cloister yard

Outer tower

Inner tower

Apprentices' Library


  • dormitories
  • kitchens
  • dinning halls
  • lecture hall(s)
  • smaller classrooms
  • infirmaries
  • practice rooms (summoning circles, labs ect)


  • A cemetery. If there's one thing we know about magic, it's that nobody ever learned anything without someone exploding along the way.
  • Ruins. Some discoveries are great enough to change the world. Others are great enough to be buried very deep underground.
  • A menagerie. One of the most underrated schools of magic is good old fashioned biology.
  • A church or temple. We who study the arcane may have no need for the magic of the gods, but hey…just in case the gods end up needing us.

Notable staff

  • Tenenan; male gnome, headmaster at archlan university - studies the fluctuations in magic during past decade.
  • Betlindis Ule; female dwarf wizard specializing in teaching evocation and item creation.
  • 2 teacher
  • 3 teacher
  • 4 teacher
  • 5 teacher
  • 6 teacher
  • 7 teacher
  • 8 teacher
  • Master Librarian
  • Blacksmith
  • Captain of the Guard:
  • Chamberlain:
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Foot Soldier:
  • Groundskeeper:
  • Guardsman:
  • Librarian:
  • Maid:
  • Sacristan:
  • Stable Master:
  • Test Subject:


  • Cosmology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Handcrafts
  • Item Creation
  • Languages
  • Magic of Augury
  • Magic of Protection
  • Magic of Transformation
  • Magic of Creation
  • Magic of the Dead
  • Magic of Trickery
  • Magic of the Mind
  • Magic of Energy
  • Magic Practice
  • Magic Practice (Advanced)
  • Magic Theory
  • Natural Resources
  • Political Relations

Notable alumni

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