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Aliases City of Sorcerers
Size ?
Location Kuzul, Seruzhar
Ruler ?
Population ?
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Arbatas is a massive city in Kuzul. It is the only city in a region of irradiated wilderness.

Heartless Brotherhood

In the 2nd century the city was ruled by a family of sorcerers who had sold their hearts to evil spirits to gain their dark powers.

Ki-Rin Clan arrived

In 152 the city was discovered by the Ki-Rin Clan. [4] The scouts who entered the cities fled quickly, chased by demonic fires and hungry spirits. Iuchi discovered and stole gaijin books and learnt meishodo. [3] It was not clear if the spirits were jinn.
Enslaved Edit

In 298 the Otaku re-encountered the City of Sorcerers. They were captured and enslaved by the Khadi brotherhood. In the year 340 [5] Otaku Kunami devised a plan to release her kin from the heartless sorcerers. The most intelligent and beautiful Battle Maidens infiltrated the brotherhood as concubines, and the sorcerers began to fight between them in jealous rage. [6]

Otaku steeds

During the fight Kunami broke into the brotherhood's buildings and found the great steed Vata, the stallion of a herd of mystical horses, enslaved as the sorcerers' cavalry. While Laramun fell to the fires produced by the magic volleys of the sorcerers, Vata and Kunami fled to reach freedom, alongside the rest of the herd and Ki-Rin Clan's members. Since that day a bargain between the Otaku steeds and the Battle Maidens was struck. [6]

Heartless secrets exposed

After Otaku Rumaru, the Otaku Daimyo at that time, escaped from his slavery in the city, he told of sorcerers who had hidden their hearts, who would be later known as Khadi, the immortal Heartless. [7]


Hojyn discovered the lost city of Laramun, deciphering only small parts of the texts found there. The inhabitants of Laramun, both jinn and otherwise, had been wiped out completely, and he believed deeper powers that Shilah's wrath were at work. [8] In 1198 Shosuro Atesharu stumbled upon the city, and found Laramun in an area known by the Rokugani as the Empty Plains, in the ruined Ivory Kingdoms. [9]


In the city were found powerful nemuranai, as the Star of Laramun. [10]

The bearer of the Star could see the shadow image of the doomed city of Laramun inside the pendant, but it was possible that the Star had other powers as well. [4]

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