Arasia the Bloodwolf
Arasia the Bloodwolf
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death
Home ?
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
Family Members House Sollyn
Arason the Render (son)
Urania Sollyn (daughter)
Sylvester Sollyn (son)
Vincent Sollyn (son)
{Aylwin Sollyn} (father)
Emelyne Sollyn (mother)
Aldis Sollyn (brother)
{Athelis Sollyn} (sister)
Roseia Sollyn (niece)
{Tomothy Sollyn}
Almeric Sollyn (nephew)
Stevyn Sollyn (nephew)
{Cerwyn Sollyn} (uncle)
Roswyn Sollyn (uncle)
{Theoson} (uncle)
Lodor Sollyn (cousin)
Galiene Sollyn (cousin)
Grel Wulfgrim (cousin)
{Goldwyn Sollyn}
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

Arasia the Bloodwolf (ahr-AS-eeya) was Queen of the Arasians of Brehr. She strengthened the Kingdom of Brehr and expanded its territory. Her reign is associated with the beginning of the revival of civilization after the Moonfall.

She was known for her power in battle and her indomitable will. She made a deal with the leader of the dragonborn in the area so they may join her armies and several towns were left to their governance. These towns eventually attempted to rebel from Brehr in what became known as the Burning Wars.

Going hand in hand with the legend of Arasia is that of her sword, Dethwarg. With blood ever flowing over the blade, it bears sacred runes on its blade. Some tales say the sword is made by the dwarves, while others say it was given to the world by the devils of Carcereth.

Famously, her mount in battle was the blue dragon, Gyldgólan. She would ride her beast over armies and harry the opposing general directly. She also flew him in her famous battle with the red dragon Yfeldeth.

Her eldest son was Arason I the Render, who was initially co-ruler, and then successor after Arasia's death. The relationship between Arasia and Arason was full of tension and intrigue.


Early life

Death of Cerwyn



Arason Sollyn

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Urania Sollyn

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Sylvester Sollyn

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Aldis Sollyn

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Roswyn Sollyn

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Lodor Sollyn

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Grel Sollyn

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Cassius Algôl

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Emelyne Sollyn

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