Aquarian calendar

The Aquarian calendar changed its form several times between the founding of Aquaria and the fall of the Aquarian Empire. The calendar used after the founding of the Allied Kingdoms is discussed under Argentis calendar.

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The Aquarians of the Republic, used a "market week" of eight days, marked as A to H in the calendar. A nundina was the market day; etymologically, the word is related to novem, "nine," because the Aquarian system of counting was inclusive. The market "week" is the nundinal cycle. Since the length of the year was not a multiple of eight days, the letter for the market day (known as a "nundinal letter") changed every year. For example, if the letter for market days in some year was A and the year was 355 days long, then the letter for the next year would be F.


Aquarii (24 days) - Winter
Piscium (38 days) - Spring
Arietis (25 days) - Spring
Tauri (37 days) - Spring
Geminorum (31 days) - Summer
Cancri (20 days) - Summer
Leonis (37 days) - Summer
Virginis (45 days) - Autumn
Librae (23 days) - Autumn
Scorpii (7 days) - Autumn
Ophiuchi (18 days) - Autumn
Sagittarii (32 days) - Winter
Capricorni (28 days) - Winter


The years were measured as Ab rempublicam condita, or From the Founding of the Republic. This has been calculated as the year 1,553 PI.

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