Anton Halfhand
Anton Halfhand
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Evandra, Canstice
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death 1357 (Ackerburg)
Title Archduke of Erdrafos
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
Family Members Leonid Antonov (son)
Sasha il'Berzanti (daughter)

Anton Halfhand (born Antoni il'Berzanti ?-1357 NS) was a Canstian swordsman who spent the last portion of his life living in the town of Ackerburg, Vatharond.

He was skilled with a blade and was a journeyman blacksmith. He always tried to be a devout servant of Ornus, though was often jealous of others for their greater adherence, namely Sangar the Maimed.

Later in life he married Natassia Cloos and helped expand her krinfyra stables into a prestigious ranch. Anton's son is Leonid Antonov.


Early Life

Creating a Family

Fall of Castle Orsebrun and Exodus


The only person he could go to, Martha's cousin, Natassia Cloos. She refused him and he instead took work at the Zolmir blacksmithy. She did, however, agree to raise the boy (her nephew).

The Elven Princess

You know.

Marriage to Natassia

Natassia did finally agree to marry Antoni, who wished to marry her in order to re-establish his House and bring his case to the Canstian Court.

Birth of Sasha Antonov

For fear of his family being hunted down, Antoni gave the girl to Nika Orlova to raise as a cleric. Natassia never forgave him and their relationship died, though they never divorced.

Prophecy of the Zolmir Grave

Aldaen Zolmir discovered a secret area in the Southern Caves, a remnant of a time during the reign of the Draconians and their kobold servants. In these ruins, Aldaen spent his time and began building a shrine to his family. He died before it was completed, but Antoni, Bors and Sigurt continued with the completion.

This site they named the Zolmir Grave and buried Aldaen here. They also found several other areas including ancient texts that describe a coming darkness in their land.

The texts were translated by a woman named Bianca who was, in secret, a gold dragon who could read the words. She then vowed to stop the darkness, in spite of a reference of a "Firebringer" who will come to cleanse the land. Bianca founded the Order of the Firebringer.

Search for the Firebringer

Antoni decided to search the world for this man and asked the other to come with him. They, however, were all feeling the curse of King Koschey and could not come, but entrusted their children with him so they may bypass any trouble

Sacking and Death


He was good friends with Alex vel'Twardowski, the village priest of Ackerburg.

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