Annave Nevin
Annave Nevin
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Yorik, Ilefain
Date of Birth 1352 NS
Home Yorik
Title Professor
Physical Description
Race Half Elf
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Donal Nevin (father)
Marge Nevin (mother)
Emily Nevin (sister)
Mary Nevin (sister)
Patrick Nevin (brother)
Ferry Nevin (cousin)
Uldar Nevin (cousin)
Occupation Professor of Creation
and Energy at the
Yorik Wizarding Academy
Wizard Circle Yorik Wizarding Academy
Loyalty Yorik Wizarding Academy

Annave Nevin (an-EV) is the professor of creation and energy at the Yorik Wizarding Academy. She was tutored under the direct guidance of Headmaster Shamil Smoothhands and is a talented and prolific wizard in Ilefain.

She was the childhood friend of Ke'Vadar and was present when he had his communion with Kira.


Early Years

Difficult early years due to curse or affliction.

Student of Yorik Academy

Student days began at age 14. Was a protege of Shamil and was raised by him in her teenage years.

Journey into the Night Forest

In 1368, two years into her study, Annave was with a young Ke'Vadar when he went into the Night Forest and received his vision from Kira.

Archmages Saga: Evocation

see The Archmages Saga: Evocation

Became a professor at age twenty in 1372. Was a friend and mentor to Maximilian Colwynn. Kidnapped by the ghost of Prince Harold. Fought in the Raid on the Academy.

Tutor to Elva

1373, was hired by Alaina to become a tutor for a young girl in Norm named Elva Andries.

Rise of the Runelords

see Rise of the Runelords

1378; Along with Headmaster Smoothhands, saw the plans for a goblin invasion and helped to plan defenses.

Appearance and Personality

Annave is bisexual, but is not currently seeing anyone.

Powers and Abilities


She is an evoker, but also excels in conjuration. She is barred from Necromancy.



Her ever-present owl familiar. Brighteyes is overly curious, high strung and often gets into mischief.


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Maximilian Colwynn

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Shamil Smoothhands

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Elva Andries

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