Angnir Abby

Angnir Abbey was founded as a levist monastery by King _ in _ and was dedicated to Ahkatsim, servant of Verai Songbird. The abbey was strategically positioned on the dominant height over the then newly established town of _, with a view to encouraging the town's development. The town later fell into ruin, but the convent remained.

Its first centuries were successful and prosperous, but the arrival of a plague brought about a decline. In addition, the buildings suffered great damage when the abbey was attacked by _. Thanks to its great wealth it managed to survive these catastrophes, but could not avoid a further decline.

It was later taken over by an order of nuns, with the Heirophant's approval, and was occupied as a double house by both monks and nuns. This was a very disturbed period: the abbey was again damaged by fire, when it was attacked by merchants pursuing the commander of the royal castle, who had sought sanctuary in the abbey.

Later the occupants of Angnir were obliged to seek shelter in Vyknir. The monastery was re-constructed.

The monks' herb garden was later cultivated by a famous pharmacist, for medicinal plants until the surrounding areas were built up.

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