Andreu es'Orñelos
Andreu es'Orñelos
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Los Torres, Ilefain
Date of Birth 1346 NS
Home Los Torres
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Master of Conjuration
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
House House es'Orñelos
Family Members Seska Materez (wife)
Occupation Archmage of Los Torres
Headmaster of the
Acadamae (former)
Wizard Circle Council of Nine
Loyalty ?

Andreu es'Orñelos-Fontaña is the Master of Conjuration. Andreu rose to prominence after the Breaching Festival of 1373, where he emerged as the first (named) victor in over a hundred years. After this greatly popular event, Andreu's uncle (and Head of Household) Tophas es'Orñelos passed away. Andreu became his successor in every way and was quick to consolidate his own power and influence.


Early Years and Education

Missing mom


Breaching Festival

see The Archmages Saga: Conjuration

In 1373, Andreu was tasked by his uncle Tophas to find men of courage and skill in order to investigate a sponsored excavation in the Cinderlands. By summoning a trio of fiendish behemoths, he discovered a group of such men. Andreu lead them north to the dig site to find it had fallen prey to half-orc raiders. The raiders were defeated and the diggers and artifacts were recovered and returned to the Compass Society.

Impressed with the skills of the group, Tophas invited them all to participate in that year's Breaching Festival in order to ensure a winner. They all agreed and competed. However, it was soon discovered that the festival was a trap; a portal to the demi-plane Belzeragna trapped the group inside. Within that demi-plane, Andreu discovered his missing mother, curled up within a mockery of the Hall of Wards' lecture hall.

He was able to rescue his mother and fought battles within the realm. In a battle against a group of invisible stalkers, he summoned a band of babau demons. After the battle was had, he found himself greatly injured, but was offered help in the form of a vampiric axe owned by his companion, Amidio. Andreu, after some thought, mercilessly slaughtered his summoned demons in order to heal himself.

In the final chamber of the realm, the group came face to face with the keeper of the realm, who seemed to be Andreu's ancestor and founder of the Acadamae, Artephius es'Orñelos. It soon became apparent that "Artephius" was really the contract devil Chyvvom in disguise. Chyvvom offered Andreu power and influence in exchange for a favor someday asked of him, to which Andreu agreed.

After they defeated Chyvvom, the group escaped the realm, with Amidio shadowjumping in front of Andreu and winning the festival. Andreu was enraged with this, but before he could retaliate, the planar gate exploded from the sundering of planes and a legion of devils flew out from the breach. Andreu famously summoned a gargantuan fiendish Tyrannosaurus, which devoured devils whole. Afterwards, he claimed the remains of the devils for the conjuration students of the school to the chagrin of the necromancy students.

As the situation died down, a strange short man came to Andreu and thanked him for saving his life. The man asked if Andreu would like a card reading for his fortune. Andreu agreed and drew three cards. The strange man told him to flip a card over when he wished for the winds of change to come to him.

Amidio, wishing for anonymity, gave the glory of the win to Andreu.

Three cards of Ruin

The next few years for Andreu were full of ups and downs. Several weeks after the festival, Tophas es’Orñelos died in his sleep. He named Andreu as his heir to the noble house in his will and the Professors of the Acadamae voted him in as Headmaster in a near-unanimous decision, with only one hold out. Afterwards he was named Archmage of Los Torres by Archduke Ésteban of Arcamino. Andreu approached his father about his manipulating Lavina and banished him from the city.

  • Euryale Card: However, not everything was going to plan. Andreu was stricken with a serious illness that was later diagnosed as Gorgon's Disease and was often bed-ridden for days.
  • Devil Card: Also, the truename of his erinyes servant changed and she was freed from his call.
  • Skull Card: He invited his underclassman, Seska Materez, to live in his manor and allowed her friend, Isabella Ivarra, to be resurrected and work as a manor-servant. Later that year, Andreu's mother was killed by an assassin's poisoned crossbow bolt meant for him. It was discovered that the assassin was sent by the rival House es'Porano.

The next year, it was discovered that Isabella Ivarra was spying for House es'Porano.

The return of Tophas

"You cannot be my uncle. I went to his funeral! Speak specter, and tell me who you truly are!"
—Andreu es'Orñelos

Return of the Council

see The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council

Master of Conjuration

Designs on creating a stronghold on Yunis. He made his new wife, Seska Materez, the new Archmage of Los Torres and the matriarch of the House es'Ornelos, though only as a transparent puppet of Andreu's will.

As Archmage of Conjuration, Andreu focuses most of his time on experimentation. The trade and sales of high-grade ores and minerals, as well as raw gems, has been funneled into his research and experimentation in the process of mixing planar essence into living creatures He makes frequent trips to elemental planes.

When not working on his infusion experiments, Andreu has been creating magical items, mostly innocuous-looking jewelry, bound with servile elementals and minor planar creatures to give to the one love of his life, Seska Materez, to keep her safe and assist her as current archmage of Los Torres, and to keep her title of matron of House es'Ornelos steady, especially after the assassination attempt on his life that, instead, took that of his poor mother. A current, she has at her command, a minor fire elemental, a hellhound and a bearded devil (tasked with assisting the summoner for 4hrs, after which it departs), and he is in the process of creating a golem that can effectively follow her, but remain inconspicuous. This has been a frustrating task so far.

Schemes in the Mnemerian Highlands

Master Andreu es’Ornelos has been seen in town looking for folks to hire. He has a dangerous reputation. He carries with him a map of the Mnemerian Highlands, which is crawling with Hobgoblins. Rumors speak of several ancient Aquarian tombs hidden in the hills filled with old magic.

Powers and Abilities



Infernal pact

Gorgon's Disease

Slowly petrifying from the inside out. The affliction slows dramatically in a low gravity environment.

Appearance and Personality

Andreu is a thin man with pale skin. He has shoulder-length, greasy black hair which frames his face in curtains, curling lips and dark, penetrating eyes that resembles tunnels. Andreu isn't particularly tall but has a strong, authoritative presence. He speaks in a soft, contained voice most of the time, except during the occasional instances when he loses his temper.

Andreu has a straight-forward and pragmatic way of thinking. He is an intelligent political maneuverer and a ruthless foe. Andreu is aware of his power of the arcane and revels in this knowledge. He is fond of the way his personal and political power causes people to treat him. Andreu dislikes it when others get the better of him and carries his vengeance far. He keeps grudges and possesses a long memory. Though it's not apparent, Andreu is bisexual.


In his early experiments as Archmage with mixing a harmless fire sprite with a simple rat, he had the sense to make a more specialized location for such experiments, ones less prone to burning down. Specifically, a house in Los Torres, warded with spells to keep creatures from getting in or out.

His home is a simple looking two story town house in the local style, with a living room and bedrooms. In truth, they have the barest furniture, not suitable for living in, merely for visiting, because the house is only used as a front. One of the doors leading to the 'basement' is, in fact, a permanent portal to a demiplane of Andreu's own creation, leading into a tower of solid stone shaped with his will power and a collection of spells. Outside the structure is a bountiful wilderness, a forest for his lab creatures to flourish and reproduce, while inside he has his own rooms and labs, set for summoning and binding planar creatures, caging and penning up living creatures, or rooms meant to test out new and dangerous spells.

This realm has been given a light gravity, noticeable after a minutes exposure, made so due to it helping to lessen Andreu's fatal condition of Gorgon's Disease. His experimentation has had countless failures, or, as he has put it, "many ways to not accomplish what I want" and has had a few successes. He now keeps a small (2-6) collection of, as he calls them, 'Ember Rats' in cages, or, allowed to roam in specially made 'exploration-spheres' glass orbs thick enough to be movable by the tiny occupent, with holds for air flow.

These Ember Rats resemble normal rodents, with fur color in ranges of yellows, oranges and reds, and their solid-black eyes, like pieces of jet, or coal. They possess a fin of dancing flames down their back, though it responds to their emotions, being warm and harmless unless frightened, whereupon it gains heat and flares up. The rodents seem highly resistent to flames, and have been seen nesting in the fireplace from time to time, crawling over the roaring logs. Attempts to breed them have been less then suscessful, due to the habit of the mothers exploding when birthing would normally result, causing damage to the surroundings, and, on occasion, failing to deliver the young. oo date, 12 have been successfully created, with less then 6 currently alive at any one time.

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