An Tuath
Silver Kingdom of An Tuath
Race Eladrin
Capital Ionad Túr
Current Ruler King Elegast (Creiche Ri)]
Population ?
Warcry "Bás Do Ár Namhaid!"
Death to Our Enemy!
Language Sylvan
Founded ?

An Tuath, also known as the Silver Kingdom, is an eladrin kingdom within Arianna Forest. The capital city is Ionad Túr. It is the last of the eladrin kingdoms to be created in Nora.

The kingdom is shattered and is in danger of invasion by the trolls of Trollebotten.


The silver eladrin are the descendants of those who battled the front lines of the drow elves.

The Nightwar

A major coup/regime change happened 800 years after their arrival. This sparked a 200 year civil war separating the Shadras and Mabhsaol regions culturally forever.

Ten swords of immense power were crafted for use by the royal family.

Drow Invasion

Sudden attack by the drow 4,000 years later.

The Time of Falling Leaves

see Time of Falling Leaves

The madness of the Erlking brings down Siobadh Tur. The city waits for redemption for nearly twenty years before a failed coup drives in the final nail. Ionad Tur is renamed the capital city of An Tuath and the deathless, its leaders.



A corrupted area of the forest.


mixed lands west of the lake.


Mastered the ways of the deathless. Forested hills. Wyverns. Near impossible to travel, unless you know the way. Home to many satyrs. standing stones.

Noc Gaelach

Hills north of the forest and east of Lake Galice. known for its network of limestone caves that criss-cross about forming a grid of secret passages and hideaways for the numerous elves that once lived here. Guarded from the east and north by sigils of antipathy place on standing stones in the hills. used to keep non-elves and violent monsters from wandering into the communities that lived within the region.

Oíche Fiáin

The most dense part of the forest. Light rarely penetrates through the canopy. This is also where the most dangerous creatures of the forest dwell. This produces a wide variety of undergrowth, and traveling through this can be difficult because of its density. Because of the high humidity, a variety of lichens and mosses grow here. Trees in this area seem to "chime".


Where the first silver eladrin came into Ädnas. Home of Síobadh Túr. Historically human friendly (relatively).


Lake Galice

Always covered in fog.

Lake Nhea

see Lake Nhea

Home to a powerful fey spirit of wind. Often takes the form of an eagle.

Sulland Isle

Fauna and Flora


Luminescent insects. Giant wasps.


Abhainnglen Tur

Ainmhí Cara

A small village whose residents were known for the skill with animal husbandry and was also a place to fetch rare berries and roots.

Caillte Glyr

City of the Dead. Where all silver eladrin of the upper class are buried.

Cathair Domhain



Formerly a large village, it served as a military outpost for staging attacks on the dragon. It once had a number of tunnels beneath it to serve as hide-aways for the soldiers and places for weapons caches.


A small village that served as the staging point for General's attack on the dragon. After the mate was slain, the other dragon destroyed the village almost entirely, despite the fact that it had been moved to the ground from the treetops to prevent aerial attack. After its ruin, elves did return to settle the area.


City of scryers

Ionad Túr

see Ionad Tur

Capital of An Tuath. Lake side city former capital of Mabhsaol. Portal to Síobadh Túr. Home to the five Baelnorns, rulers of the city.

Luí Gréine

Near a wyvern crag


A small military outpost once administrated by _, a general in the army and considered one of the finest archers to ever live.

Síobadh Túr

see Siobadh Tur

Portal to Ionad Tur.



Airgid Clan

see Airgid Clan

An old clan, always associated with kingship and rule with thousands of years of heroic tradition. The clan in recent years, however, is weakening.

  • Samhradh Family
  • Biolar Family
  • Cogal Family
  • Reatha Family
  • Rabhán Family

Croi Clan

Clan considered the masters of hand and tongue. Master crafters, diplomats, animal breeders and workers of mithral. Usually very open and friendly to others.

  • Fiagaí Family
  • Gealach Family
  • Gafann Family
  • -

Grianchloch Clan

A clan of ancient fighters. They pride themselves on the variety of weapons at their disposal, including their own barehanded strikes. Also potent musicians, poets and lovers of leisure. They possess a strong sense of honor, potent ferocity, and strength in combat.

  • Glasrai Family
  • Sailchuach Family
  • Leith Family
  • Lochal Family
  • Creamh Family
  • Mongán Family

Ríléir Clan

Nicknamed the windclan, always lurking and listening. Rumored to be more than a little aligned with the Swordwraiths. Clan philosophy centered on balance.

  • Iahus
  • Odhrach Family
  • Dris Family
  • -

Tine Clan

Masters of Elf-Fire, astrologists and predominantly female. Most Elf-crones come from this line.

  • Grian Family
  • -
  • -

Magic and Elf-Fire

Elf-Fire, or Tinedraíochta Coimeádaí, is a green fire-like energy mastered by the eladrin of An Tuath, especially within the Tine Clan.

Elf Crones



Coronation of the Silver King

The Silver King, or Ri Airgid, wears a flowing silver cloak and a large mithral shield as a symbol of office. The coronation ritual is for the heir to stand outside the thresh-hold to the royal palace naked. Then servants would dress him is his cloak and shield and he would enter the palace where the clan lords would swear their allegiance. The new king then reads a lengthy arcane rite binding him to his regalia and the palace. He is then presented with the crown by the Baelnorns and all in attendance hail to his glory.

This is usually followed by a feast or other celebration of the new king's design.



- Home of an iron dragon. arrived 900 years ago. nearly dying.

Cullflame Cavern

- A red dragon is now moving in.


- village abandoned after the Weeping War and fitted with traps

Felldrinker Grove

- Oak grove with bats


Once the best area for mining mithral, now fallen to the unseelie.

Tower of Sorrow

The Witch-woman's Hut in the Doigh

The Witch-woman's Hut

A former elf-crone, now deranged and unpredictable.

Other notes

goblins (south)
orcs (north)
Dark Fey
Lizardfolk (lakeside)
glade cat (north)
displacer beasts
wyverns (north)

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