Amerigo es'Porano
Amerigo es'Porano
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Los Torres, Salvatore
Date of Birth 1338 NS
Home Los Torres
Aliases The Bull
Titles General
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members House es'Porano
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

Amerigo es'Porano-Hechevaria, called El Toro (the Bull), is the son of Fernando es'Porano III and a Fainish general in the Severing War.


Death of Fernando III

Amerigo fell in love with his father's second wife, Joan-Madeline Pontillion, and began an on going affair with her when he was sixteen. His father discovered the affair two years later (1356) and in the heat of their fight, Amerigo pushed his father out of the window, killing him. The crime was blamed by a servant boy who Amerigo claimed was trying to steal gil.

Family Coup

After his father's death, Amerigo and his brother Ruis es'Porano chafed under the rule of their elder brother, Fernando es'Porano IV and, together with Joan-Madeline, schemed to depose the new family patron and place Ruis in his stead. The coup reached its culmination in 1358 when he was defeated and Ruis exiled.

Refuge with the House of Purple

Amerigo fled with his sister, Eliana to Coranthe. Eliana succumbed to sickness on the way and died in Aecyeld. He arrived in Castle Parch in 1360 and was allowed admittance in the Purple Court. There, he lived comfortably, made many friendly associations with the House of Purple and received the opportunity to rebuild his personal finances, which he took great advantage of.

He was asked to leave four years later.

Return to Los Torres

He has received a letter from his brother pardoning his crimes and returned to his home city with an abundance of wealth and a large number of loyal footmen. Due to his new status, he asked the Archduke Ésteban of Arcamino for the hand of his daughter Malena es'Andoval in marriage. The archduke said he would allow the marriage only if Amerigo could conquer a coastal region of Zamunda and create a Salvatorian colony there. Amerigo was incensed at this contingency and began a rebellion against the Archduchy. He lead an army of knights through Salvatore sacking the cities and fortresses.


A year later, in 1366, Amerigo left for Zamunda and became a mercenary in Zymzeman where his brother Ruis was living in exile.

Severing War

He later made his way to Vatharond, where he involved himself in the succession war brewing there. He attempted to sponsor one of the nobles and lent him large amounts of money, however he was never repaid. He also found his promised position under his patron to be unsatisfactory. As a result, when Alexandria declared war, he switched sides and joined the Fainish armies as a general.

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