Allure (ah-loo-ree) is a region of Ilefain located on the western coast of the Atraferian Peninsula. It is bordered by the Grey Sea to the west and north (via the Dragonmaw), Brehr (across the Levita River) and Taurania to the east and the Evermire to the south.

It is a region of parts. The northern half, called Perunda, is a destination for many travelers seeking warm shores and lively atmospheres. The wine is inexpensive and plenty, the girls are foreigner friendly and all things come with song. This is the land in the eyes of travelers.

To those who reside, it is a different matter. Perunda is being eaten alive from the outside and the inside. Halfling pirates, drug cartels and thieves guilds are the true rulers of the cities. The nobles count the coin brought in from ignoble alliances with criminals. The Nicobean halflings have a strong presence in the cities and trading hubs of Allure. Some halfling groups champion the downtrodden and are folk heroes, others are much darker and self-serving.

Outside the cities, one finds the simple villages of the kamiks. The fox-men own many of the vineyards of the Amber Fields and live out simple lives, always with a song to sing. However, the kamiks are always weary of attack by the alien-like banshrae, and they never venture into Shadowhive Forest, where the banshrae amass with giant beetles, serving their Hag Queen.

The southern half of Allure, known as Norreg, has fallen into ruin. Across the Undis River, Allure becomes a no-mans land overrun with choking vines and shambling mounds. Ettins roam the hills and eat any living thing they come across, including the giant carnivorous lizards vying for food from the lion prides common to the area.

Underneath the surface in Dar Kunor, the detestable mind flayers control thousands of reeking troglodytes to their bidding. Several prominent political figures in the region are whispered to secretly be thralls to the mind flayers, but no evidence is ever found. The noble lords of Allure live in constant fear of each other, and sometimes, themselves.

The troglodyte menace has another effect, the flushing out of grimlocks living under Perunda to raid the surface cities. While the grimlocks seem to be free from mind flayer control and fighting the trogs, they are no friend to the simple villagers and vintners of the Amber Fields. Thus, the people have formed the Dark Hunters, a group of defenders to push back the menace brewing underground.


Shi'imti Rule

Aquarian Aethorum

Called Alluria.

Kingdom of Aethurias

see Kingdom of Aethurias

Discovery of Nicoboa

The Burning Wars

Four Brothers era, Allure was invaded by Brehrian dragonborn in an attempt to "civilize" the area. These are called the Burning Wars due to the damage caused to the forests.

Black Legion Rule and the Reclamation

The Underwars

Fighting an uprising of Troglodytes and losing the southern half of the territory.

1055 Earthquake

Mind Flayer Takeover

Was brought under control of the mind flayers in 1303 until 1345. The Duke of Allure, Salazar Azeitona, was turned into a tyrant.


Geography and Climate

Northern half is called "Perunda" - known for kamik bards and being civilized. Southern half is called "Norreg" - known for its wilds and also its deadly plants.

Wheat of the Amber Fields

The Amber Fields

Northern plains. home to many vineyards.

Cape Lands End

Westernmost point

The Dragonmaw

Shallow at the mouth, ships are unable to go up water. Only halfling ships can make the journey.

Mt. Gemeo

The Golden Cliffs

A lagoon. The water off its coast is miraculously not salty, but fresh, pure water. Site of pirate treasure.

Levita River

Martila Island

An island of dragon heritage.

Mortag Lake

A lake home to water archons.

Shadowhive Forest

Overrun by banshrae, giant beetles and home to the Hag Queen.

Mt. Sozin

Undis River

Fauna and Flora

Giant Lizards
Giant Beetles
Shambling Mounds

Mind Flayers
Water Archons

Major Settlements

Asilo (Large Town)

Athipel (Large City)

see Athipel

University complete with library and Wizard Circle tower - very old, one of the first

Dis Mulres (Small City)

see Dis Mulres

Site of a massacre, only two women survived. Church of the Virgins celebrate this miracle.

Dragonhome (Large Town)

see Dragonhome

Warrior town. Cursed with a shallow port.

Estabor (Large Town)

Fairport (Large City)

see Fairport

Mouth of the Undis river forms a large estuary, one of the best ports in all of Nora. Legendary Ship wreck in the mouth of the Undis river. Pirate port.

Hilltop (Small Town)

Old fortress.


Strong Bardic tradition to the point of near worship. Every town and city has their own songs. And their own dances. Strong Fishing tradition. Very Pirate-y.

Holdiay called "Masquerade" currently involving many halfling themes. Kalmnis 10th.
Holiday called "Clearsky" celebrating the Miracle of Hope performed by Saint Lydia. Malphir 6th.




Sublime Song


Music is solemn and used to express loss or longing. It is characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. Applause by coughing as by clearing throat. Ingredients are a shawl, a guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion.

Popular dance "Rixa" - lively couple dance with hand clapping, danced as a duel between rivals.


Cuisine revolves around seafood and wine


Archetechture is non-symetrical. Lots of pillars, gothic, ship-like, features fish and other ocean features, "Ocean-gothic" is a good way to describe it.


Crawling Caves

Mind flayer site


City of Water Archons in Mortag Lake where they work to submerge the region.

Dragonsblood Pool

The "tomb" of an ancient bronze dragon found on Martila Island. The area surrounding the pool has a static charge. Those who are dragonblooded and drink from the pool finds his spellcasting ability greatly increased. Any others who drink from the pool, die.


Ettins and Athachs


Castle of the Bulls was built to defend against dragonborn. Now has been years since its use, taken over by Banshrae and their hag queen.

Silent Bridge

Bridge across the Undis river

The Tesco Pillars

There are several totem poles spread over the region. They are guarded by earth elementals who do not explain their purpose.

Temple of Flame

Temple of Dhanni, destroyed by dragonborn to establish their own religion.

Vaz Alegre

Ghost town

Vaz Costa

Ghost town

Vaz Moncida

Ghost town

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