Allied Kingdoms of Nora
Allied Kingdoms of Nora
Hope and Will
location in the world
Capital Alexandria
Largest City Alexandria
High Queen Garnet XVII
Ruling House House of Alexandros
Demonym Noran
Kingdoms 4 (and an
autonomous region)
Formation 1 NS
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages ?

The Allied Kingdoms of Nora is a personal union of kingdoms under a central High Crown located in the continent of Nora. This union was formed by Alexander and ratified by the leaders of the League of Free Peoples.

The four kingdoms that are joined in alliance are Canstice, Ilefain, Tir'Ein, and Vatharond. These kingdoms are independent of one another, but joined by a loose common rule in the form of the High Crown located in Alexandria.

The four kingdoms have signed a pact of non-aggression with each other. No war between the kingdoms shall emerge whether caused by malice, justice or revenge; lest the world be ripped apart. This is known as the Law of Destruction.


Alexander Period

Later Alexander Period

Neo Alexandrian Movement

Alexandra Period

Alexandros Dynasty


Member States



Legal System

Important laws

Law of Destruction

Details on the pact of non-aggression between the kingdoms and the punishments for breaking pact.

Countryman Decree

A limiter on the powers of nobility.

Foreign Relations

Poor relations with Lorasia

Trade embargo.

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