Alicia Valligan
Alicia Valligan
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1346 NS
Home White City
Alias(es) The Laughing Lady
Title(s) Dame
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Aqua
Family Information
House House of Valligan
Family Members ?
Occupation Captain of the Guard
Loyalty ?

Dame Alicia-Vera lin Valligan is the Captain of the Guard in White City and wife of Silas Valligan. She works closely with Sheriff Maxwell Silverhammer III in the defense of the city and the surrounding areas.

She is proficient with her exotic snake sword, Clementine.


Early life

Born to a poor peasant farmer with a large family.

Marriage to Silas

In love and married at a young age, Alicia gave birth to her first son, William at age 17.

Verdant King

Appearance and personality

She smiles a lot and has a love of life. Even in combat she swashbuckles with fervor and the relish of contest.

Powers and abilities


The sword is sentient. It was created by Bishop Alexandre Valligan, Alicia's step-uncle.

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