Aleksander vel'Heerser
Aleksander vel'Heerser
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Zuffels
Date of Birth 1352 NS
Home Zuffels
Alias(es) Aleksander Bloodeye
Aleksander the Immortal
Title(s) Sir
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown / Red
Family Information
Family Members House vel'Heerser
Occupation Knight
Loyalty Brotherhood of Vatharond

Captain Aleksander vel'Heerser is a high ranking Vathroni soldier in the Severing War, fighting on behalf of his uncle, Burchard the Wolf.


Early life

Brotherhood of Vatharond

Appearance and personality

After a battle in which his horse died, he sustained a gruesome injury from a flail to the side of his face. He lived, but his right eye remained red colored afterward.

Powers and abilities

Captain Aleksander is a skilled knight, deadly with sword and lance.

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