Aldrich Wells
Aldrich George ren Wells
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Jaress, Ilefain
Date of Birth 850 NS
Date of Death 922 (aged 72)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Family Information
Family Members Louis Jean mar Wells
Adele Pauline til d'Owby
Occupation Painter

Aldrich George ren Wells was a Fainish Symbolist painter whose main focus was the illustration of heroic, historical and mythological figures. He heavily featured symbolic imagery in his paintings, telling a story in a single image.

He painted thousands of works, all historical scenes of heroic importance. Many use his paintings as historical aid and consider many of his idols to be "true" interpretations, such as his famous depiction of Alexander.

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Wells was born in Jaress. His father, Louis Jean mar Wells, was an architect, who recognized his talent. His mother was Adele Pauline til d'Owby. Wells carried on a deeply personal 25-year romance with Adelaide-Alexandrine Elvor, a woman whom he painted several times as various historical figures, including several versions of St. Lydia. His first painting is now located in the cathedral at Cealesele. He showed "A Scene from the Book of Trees" and "The Death of Kanusar" in the Salon of 877. He also contributed "Fall of Sofia" and "Alexander Putting Off his Boots within the Ruins of the Black City".

"Varnen Arrowflit and the Mind Flayer", one of his first symbolist paintings, was exhibited at the Salon of 888. Over his lifetime, he produced over 8,000 paintings, watercolors and drawings, many of which are on display in the Well's House, the museum being his former workshop. Harlin Armel fir Templeton famously used to "haunt" the museum and regarded Wells as a precursor to Surrealism.

Wells had become a professor at the University of Jaress in 907 and counted many future masters among his students.

Wells died in Jaress and was buried there in Montouria Cemetary.

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