Aldir Nevermoon
Aldir Nevermoon
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Lyth Aldir Nanmire, known as Aldir Nevermoon in the common tongue, was a companion of Alexander. He was born as a slave. Aldir was the chronicler of the White Poets, though many of his works have been lost.

His slave master killed his brothers and sisters.

Aldir was not allowed to rejoin his the Two Moons Tribe due to taboo law.

A ranger from Tir'Ein who wields a bow.


Early life

Alexander on the Roadside

Tales differ as the the exact details of the encounter, but the basic tale is well known; Alexander walking down a road, meets Aldir Nevermoon chained to a crow pole. Alexander spends the night with Aldir, giving him water and food. Upon the rising of the sun, Alexander frees the elf from his chains and the two part ways not knowing they would reunited years later and become true friends.

However, earlier written sources tell that Alexander did not free Aldir in the morning, leaving him chained to his fate. This version of the story angers many Noran patriots and is not popular.

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