Albor I Sollemnus
Albor I Sollemnus
Alborus Sollemnus
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 7 Scorpii
1254 ARC
Date of Death
Home Owlhold
Alias(es) The Owlbear King
The Iron King
Title(s) King of Wynfall
Physical Description
Race Human, Sofian
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Family Information
House / Clan House Sollemnus of Owlhold
Family Members {Karl Sollemnus} (father)
Emilia Sollemnus (sister)
Sabina Sollemnus (sister)
Lisken Sollemnus (sister)
Lars Sollemnus (nephew)
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

"I play things by ear."
—Albor Sollemnus

King Albor I Sollemnus was the first king of Wynfall. He was known for his warrior skills, dual wielding swords. He was a cousin to King Urzen Routronia of Otland. Even after noleski-i-sorensval took on the regency, Albor was still 6th in line for the throne.


Early life

Albor betrayed a commoner. When really young he tried to protect Lisken by blaming a blacksmith's son for a wrongdoing. The boy was executed.


"I heard you were knighted afterwards, and for good show. You unseated knights many years above your experience."
Kjellen Grassen

Albor won the mass melee at an early age. Was knighted.

Exploring the Goldwood

"How much do you know about fey politics?"
"Is it any different than human politics?"
Ambrose and Albor Sollemnus

In 277 PI, Albor lead an expedition to the Goldwood.

King of Wynfall



Albor is good firends with Raziah's older sister, Rhea. Rhea is connected to everyone. Rhea knows Zenonas and buys books from him to sell to Albor.

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