Biographical Information
Location of Birth Straft
Date of Birth Malphir 10, 1354 NS
Alias The Demonbreaker
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Serenity (Daughter)

Alaina, also known as Alaina the Demonbreaker, is a former slave, sorcerer, warrior and mother. She was born in Straft and was captured by dwarves when she was young and put into the life of a slave. When she was exploring a newly excavated area of the dwarven city Stürmenstadt, she was attacked by the vampire, Ail. From his violation, she became pregnant and with the help of the priest Yandadric, was able to escape to Nora when she gave birth to her daughter, Serenity.

Her daughter being cared for by Felthepia, Alaina sought out for the Hand of Mortath, until finding it in Bloodsun Rock in Moro. There she faced Ail and was placed in a temporal stasis. She and her allies awoke thirty-five years later to find Nora now ruled by Daemon, the Demon Princess of Time. After defeating Daemon and returning to her own time, Alaina traveled to Ail's lair in Straft to face him. She fought a mighty battle with a goristro only to find Ail gone.

Since then, she has retired to Deathkeep and has been studying elemental adeptation.

Her brilliant energy axe is named Onoshi.


Early life

Born on the Aremian peninsula of Straft.


Alaina became a slave for the dwarves of Stürmenstadt and remained so for all her adolescent years.

First encounter with Ail

After an old section of a lower, forgotten part of the city was discovered, Alaina's dwarven masters sent her in to serve as a canary to gauge the safety of the ruins. She, with two other slaves, explored the area, battled monsters, and soon came upon a fated scene. The three of them found the vampire Ail speaking with an azer in one of the rooms in the complex. The three slaves were quickly overpowered and defeated.


Once arriving at Deathkeep, Fauk Rendseur told Alaina that she was pregnant and gave her a choice; continue as she is or magically advance the birth so she wouldn't be physically held back in her adventures. Alaina chose the latter and the lich used his magic to bring out Alaina's dhampir daughter. She was born with albinoism, a side effect of the magical induction. Alaina named the child Serenity and placed the child in the care of Felthepia.

Alaina vs the Balor of Kratnor

The Balor

In Kratnor, Nny and Sheila found themselves in a casual romantic trist.

Suddenly, one morning, a Balor appeared in the middle of the city and rampaged, the local guards unable to stop the demon. Alaina fought with the beast with her Absorbing Shield and trapped the creature inside.

Adventures in Nora


Defeating Ail

Appearance and personality

Powers and Abilities

Combat Prowess

Storm sorcery


Fauk Rendseur




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