Airgid Clan

The Airgid Clan (ar-geet) is a clan of eladrin within An Tuath. The clan is known for their skilled wizards and mastery of fey magic. The Airgid are also noted courtiers, wielding great power in the courts of the land. They pursue excellence in all things, and the traditions established by their founder, Nodontī are now customary in the King's Court. The formal dueling system, Ïgácoán, was established by Nodontī's wife, Scáthī.

An old clan, always associated with kingship and rule with thousands of years of heroic tradition. The clan in recent years, however, is weakening. Their preferential status with the Royal line was renowned and throughout history the clan had had fewer taxes and more gifts heaped upon them.


Time of Falling Leaves

Airgid Clan Massacres

Kingdom wide massacres of the Airgid Clan, leaving only the Rabhán Family intact. Carraigainn Airgid Rabhán was left as the Lord of the Airgid Clan.


Biolar Family
Cogal Family
Reatha Family
Rabhán Family
Samhradh Family

Notable Members

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