Biographical Information
Date of Birth 1158 NS
Date of Rebirth 1322 NS
Physical Description
Race Vampire Drow
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red

Ail is a drow vampire who was hunting for the Hand of Mortath. He was born during the Age of Kings and was "turned" when he was nearly 200 years old. Ail spent the beginning years of his undeath sowing evil and strife, but soon he became bored and began to explore the world. During his explorations in Straft, he met a young slave named Alaina whom he attacked and raped.

He then began following Alaina as she traveled back to Nora and became obsessed with her. He discovered she was searching for the Hand of Mortath, and so dedicated himself to finding it.

After locating it in Moro, Ail placed Alaina and her allies in a temporal stasis and took what he thought was the artifact back to his lair in Straft. He attempted to contact demons in order to bolster his forces in his new mission to blot out the sun and begin to conquer Nora, but the artifact he took proved to be a fake. Alaina later reappeared having broken the stasis. Ail allowed Alaina to battle the Goristro that he had summoned and after its defeat, sunk back into the darkness.

His current whereabouts are unknown.




Hand of the Drow

The dwarven city of Stürmenstadt.

Alternate Future


Ail's fiendish wolf familiar.

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