Lady Agnes of the Crystal Eye
Biographical Information
Alias Agnes of the Crystal Eye
Physical Description
Race Half-Elf
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Sectoral Heterochromic
Blue / Orange
Occupation Templar
Loyalty Church of Light

Agnes is a half-elven paladin of the Church of Light. She lives in Lindblum, where she owns a house with a lawn. She is a friend of A'lia Zolmir. Agnes enjoys swimming.

Agnes is a ruthless opponent to evil and revels in the bloodlust caused by her battles. She continues to search for her nemesis, the necromancer Pomorpherammergau.


Goblin Caves

Lady Agnes traveled to some nearby goblin caves in search of Princess Joan with her friend A'lia Zolmir. There they found a servant of Pomorpherammergau working with the Goblin King, though he escaped. Together, A'lia and Agnes defeated the Goblin King and freed Princess Joan.

A'lia was awarded with a lifetime pass to the buffet tables and Agnes was given a sword that could shine like a torch.

Lindblum Farms

A week later, King Arret called Agnes back to the castle. He sent her to go stop Pomorpherammergau from attacking the local villagers. The king sent a druid with her on this adventure and together they found a servant of the necromancer and stopped his evil doings.

Hopping Dungeons

Agnes followed the trail to the Hopping Dungeons with the help of Roam Brookvale. There, they fought bullywugs and spider-goblins and defeated Pomorpherammergau's chief lieutenant, Darklos.


Agnes has black hair which is cut short in the front and worn long in the back as a pony tail.

Lady Agnes has secular heterochromia in which her eyes are both orange and blue.

Agnes's eye
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