Age of Knowledge

"A thousand years of peace!"
—High King Lucy III

The Age of Knowledge is the current age as specified by Noran scholars. The age began at the coronation of Alexander and continues to the present day. The age has ushered in an unfounded time of peace and prosperity. The age sees the implementation of theater, schools and philosophy, all of which hasn't been seen since ancient Aquaria.

It uses NS, meaning Nora Spell, as its year reckoning.


1st Century

see iron sickle, Alexander, Capricorn Alexander, Pydred's War, Epsilon, Argentis Argantum

Dark empire remnants. Orcs. Orc Warchief of great strength.

2nd Century

see High King Orion I, Prince Harold, Robert Éttincell

Expansion. Religion in Salvatore; famous archbishop.

3rd Century

see Tenser the Loremaster

Vatharond joins the Allied Kingdoms. Battle and reclamation of eastern Vathroni border city. Famed Fainish duke / knight. Tieflings become more integrated in Noran society. Peace and Prosperity. Famous politician. Prosperity for Tir'Ein and Canstice.

4th Century

The Ankejian Cloud Temples are destroyed. Fainish King.

5th Century

see Capricorn II, Neo-Alexandrist Movement, Second Hellgate War, Sinibaldo the Nomad, Shaun VIII, Jarizleifr the Wise

Jarizleifr the Wise was a famous Vathroni King. Good peak for Vatharond. Druidism hits a peak; lead by female druids.

6th Century

see Rikhard the Crusader

Inquisitions of the Church of Light. Church becomes divided and a shadow war is fought between the factions. Fainish warrior king, witch burner. Druids often tried as witches, drudism falls in prominence. Dark times of paranoia, fear and ignorance.

7th Century

see Dragonscale Conspiracy

Rakshasa infiltration. Tiefling Mathematician finds lost Aquarian books and translates them, discovering groundbreaking new methods of calculation. Famed planar explorer / polymath.

8th Century

see Straft, Rabby Nevin, August ab Alexander, Carolyn don Alexander, Ten Scrolls

Age of Exploration. Colonies on Aremia and Zamunda. Civil rights expansion. Temple consecrates its greatest cathedral. Fainish king, chivilrous and kind. Famous explorer goes over land to Shao-Wei. Prosperity for Tir'Ein and Canstice. Famous politician. Famous scholar.

9th Century

see Deathsong Plague, Aldrich Wells, Lord Stratford, Shepherd Saint, Strom Nachtfalter, Faolchu, Tetrahedron

Gnome Wars on Dragonfly Island. The twelve holy books are translated and collected as the Chugh.

10th Century

see Battle of Open Graves, Compass Society

Reign of Xananua. Famous architect. Oni and Duergar war; the Deadlands are affected. Expansion for Vatharond and Ilefain. Famous warrior.

11th Century

see Orcwars, Lucy III

Scientific discoveries. Medicine and logical thought.

12th Century

see Mort Kemnon

Upheaval, chaos, depression, but the seeds of a better future. Planar exploration, experimentation and measurement. Famous political philosopher / polymath.

13th Century

see Tsarina dir Alexandra, Camdon Il’Varus, Alexandrian Parliament, Cray of Everfont, Haffry The Anvil, Donovan ab Alexandros

Technological improvements, musical revolution. Medicine improved further. Famous composer.

14th Century

see Mist, High Queen Brahm, Hail McCormick, Phoelarch, Khoun Siffith, Airship, Mansuetus Kildare, garnet-xvii, Severing War, Sergei vel'Fitigern

Advancement for Ilefain and Vatharond. Disappearance of Kira. Church of Light reformation.






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