Age of Kings Saga

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"Position isn't given. It's forged."
Albor I Sollemnus

Age of Kings Saga is a major saga that takes place north of Otland in 277 PI (1276 ARC). It tells the tale of the founding of the Kingdom of Wynfall.

Stolen Land

Ser Albor Sollemnus travels to Hamerstoc

On the arrival of spring in Ôtland during the year 277 PI, the kingdom was facing rumors of a civil war. The northern region of Rostland, populated by native Doliaethi and the southern Issia, populated by the conquering Midgardians, were building tensions for the last ten years. It was at this time that Earl Irmantas Alija of the freecity of Hamerstoc send out a call for explorers to reclaim the lands north of Ôtland, known as the Stolen Lands. Word reached as far south as Morgard where House Sollemnus was seated.

The young knight Ser Albor Sollemnus heard of this call and wished to live an adventurous life. Albor knew House Sollemnus had frequent contact with the wizard Zenonas, who lived in the mountains, and sent a letter to enlist his assistance. Several days later, Zenonas's apprentice arrived at Morgard by way of river barge. The apprentice was only known as Blotch and was unused to dealing with people, as well as horses. Blotch greeted Albor and handed him the last few books the family ordered from Zenonas.

Albor also enlisted the services of Morgard's steward, Raziah who was skilled with logistics and had a keen mercantile sense. The three of them left Morgard and rode northward, stopping at various cities along the way, for several days before arriving at Hamerstoc. In the streets of Hamerstoc, the three of them saw vagabonds, bandits and rogues. People had elven slaves in linked collars, and trappers carried pelts of bears and wolves. It was truly a frontier town.

Albor took Blotch and Raziah and they visited with Earl Irmantas. The Earl informed them that they would be the fourth exploration party to be sent in the Stolen Lands. He gave them a charter of exploration and justice within the Goldwood. The area was in need of civilization and the first step to that was to clear out the bandits hiding in the forest. Albor agreed to the charter and the three of them signed it. The Earl also introduced them to Triska, a guide hired by House Alija to assist Ser Albor and his party.

Raziah walked around Hamerstoc listening to local gossip about a bandit king in the Goldwood and noting the importance of the rivers in the Stolen Lands. Raziah thought it was a good idea to hire local hirelings, but they did not have the funding, nor the time, to do so. Ser Albor was eager to leave the city and head up the road.

The four of them left the next day on horseback and headed up the road towards the northeast. While on the road, a pack of wolves was spotted northward and soon were upon the travelers. It soon became apparent that the pack was being lead by a worg. After the worg was killed, the last surviving wolf ran off. The travelers stayed for the night to take the animal's pelts.

Bandits at Oleg's Trading Post

The next day the party arrives at Oleg's Trading Post, a repurposed fort from the Bandit Wars. Oleg, owner of the post, and his wife Svetlana greet them warmly, albeit strangely so. Both Triska and Blotch noticed that they were being greeted as if they were expected. Oleg explained that he sent requests to Hamerstoc since winter for relief from bandits. Oleg was happy to see his request finally being fulfilled, while the travelers weren't sure they were the relief he was seeking. They went inside his house while Svetlana treated them to dinner and pies. Oleg told them bandits had begun asking for taxes for the Stag Lord, a self-styled bandit king. A group shows up every month seeking tribute and the trading post has less and less to give. They were lead by a hard woman named Kressle and her second, Happs. The woman only appeared the first time, leaving Happs to make the runs ever since. Oleg believed the bandits had become complacent and took his compliance fro granted. Oleg noted Albor had good timing as the bandits should arrive the next day.

In the morning, Albor and his company woke at dawn to wait for the bandits. While waiting, Albor noticed the message board in the court of the trading post with posters for bounties. Soon, four riders were seen approaching the fort from the west. Raziah used a spell to disguise himself as Oleg and stood at the gate, while the real Oleg and his wife hid inside his house, watching. Two of the four bandits approached the gate, while the other two riders kept back and began to play cards.

The leader of the band, Happs (wearing a silver stag's head pendant), dismounted and spoke with the disguised Raziah, asking where their tribute was. Raziah responded with a spell that put Happs and the other horsed bandit to a magical sleep. Raziah bespelled the other two bandits as well and all four sleeping bandits were gathered and tossed in the post's garbage pits. Oleg came out from his house, holding his beloved battle axe and congratulated Raziah and the others. However, after searching the bandits, Oleg bemoaned that he couldn't find his wife's stolen copper wedding ring on them.

The bandits awoke soon after and Blotch placed a charm enchantment on Happs, who believed his captors to be his friends. Happs told them of the river fort to the north where Kressle ranked captain over the rest of his band. He also told them of the lake castle further to the north which housed the Stag Lord. Oleg told Albor that they may keep what was on the bandits and Raziah wrote a receipt to Oleg for everything they stored at the post. Deciding they shouldn't wait for Kressle to send reinforcements, they left that afternoon for the river fort, camping in the forest at night.

The river fort

Soon, the company reached the northern river in the forest and followed it until they saw the fort. Triska, being well known in the area, disguised Raziah as a bandit sent to their band by the Stag Lord. Kressle hailed them from the parapet and was convinced enough by their story to open the gate. Upon opening, Kressle greeted them, but Raziah cast a thunderwave and knocked the bandits off their feet. Kressle, however, was not knocked down, only greatly angered. She attacked Raziah with her axes and nearly killed him, dropping him to her feet. Triska attempted to claim she had no stake in this attack, but Kressle, still seething with anger, attacked the ranger still. Albor and Blotch come to assist Triska and Albor knocked out Kressle. The fort was taken.

The two bandits and Kressle were tied together with linked rope, arms tied behind their backs. Raziah attempted to question the bandits, but Kressle commanded them to be silent. Kressle was gagged and they resumed questioning. Raziah and the others learned of the Stag Lord's army organization; under the Stag Lord were three lieutenants within the castle who then order bandit captains (of which Kressle was one) who order bands of their own. Each bandit captain was given a silver stag's head pendant to show their loyalty. Kressle preferred not to wear hers and gave it to Happs, her second. Of the lieutenants, there was akiros-daemon the drunkard with a scarred face, Auchs the strong and dumb, and Dovan the dark and skilled.

The company took the prisoners to Oleg's, with Triska feeding them goodberries along the way. When they arrived at the trading post, Oleg was not present having left the day before. They put the prisoners in the garbage pits, making sure to separate Kressle. Svetlana welcomed them warmly and made them breakfast with a smile. She spoke with the company and was very outgoing. The company discussed what would be done with the bandits; execute them or make them slaves. Raziah spoke against using the bandits for labor, seeing them as untrustworthy. Albor asked Svetlana about the poster on the wanted board about kobolds, but she admits she knows very little about the creatures other than they had been seen along the edge of the Goldwood to the west. She tells Albor that she misses the time when she could travel freely through the Goldwood and collect moon radishes for her soup. She also misses Hamerstoc, where she grew up; the streets and the children playing.

The company leave to explore the lands surrounding the trading post and when they returned, they saw a group of armored soldiers with horses. The leader of this band was Ser Kjellen Grassen, who tells them that his mercenary group will begin to patrol the road between the trading post and Hamerstoc. Albor welcomes him and they begin to discuss the fate of the company's prisoners. Three of the captured bandits are chosen as slaves, the others are sent to Hamerstoc to hang. Kjellen gives them a reward for those to meet the rope. Blotch decided to oversee the slaves and their treatment.

The company began exploring the surrounding areas. In the Kullands to the west of the Goldwood, Triska took the company to an area she knew was sometimes used as a camp site, but when they got there, they saw the open area littered with the white bones of various animals and men. They searched the area and Raziah came upon the hidden lair of a giant trapdoor spider. They slayed the spider and found remains at the bottom of its spider hole, including a sketched drawing of a dead tree on a hill with an X marked below it. The company continued to explore in the nearby forest and met the hunter Petras. Together they ate and shared stories.

Petras joined the company as they returned to the river fort to see it reclaimed by bandits. The company climbed the ivy-clad walls and overtook the three bandits within the fort's barracks. On their way back from the river fort with the prisoners, Triska found Svetlana's patch of moon radishes. Also in the grove was owlbear tracks which worried Triska. They arrived at Oleg's and turned over the bandits to Kjellen, save for one named Ramund who claimed to be a sailmaker. They put him into slavery to his relief. Svetlana was pleased to be gifted with a batch of moon radishes and promised to make them all her special moon radish soup.

Ambrose the Greenman and the golden elf

A blast of a horn was heard, sounded by one of Kjellen's sentries. A strange man approached the gates of the post, elf-like in appearance with a head of verdant hair and amber eyes. He road on a golden king elk. When he entered the post, he dismounted and whispered to the stag, "Thank you, Lord of the Forest". Albor greeted him and asked his name. The greenman told him his true name is difficult to pronounce to men, so he will be called Ambrose. He described himself as a observer sent by the Cianna, for what purpose, he did not explain. Albor told him he was welcome to join them in their travels.

The company decided to hunt Tuskgutter, the famous boar of the Goldwood. They traveled north and Triska found boar tracks. Following these tracks, the company found a small grove where a group of she-hogs were found. After hunting these boars, Tuskgutter himself arrived to challenge them. The massive boar came and knocked Ambrose out of the fight. The monstrous boar was soon put down.

After putting the boar on a litter, they headed back south and found a pool to rest next to for the night. Triska recognized the pool as the same where a band of hunters she was guiding killed and scalped a nymph. In this pool, shining in the moonlight, a slim female figure emerged. She had golden hair, pointed ears and wore nothing but the moonlight. Albor called out to her, which startled the maid. She disappeared in a poof of green flame and suddenly, she was crouching at the shore next to her equipment with her blade drawn.

They spoke gently to the golden elf and asked her business. She claimed she was a herald of Nyrissa, the nymph queen. Hearing this name, Ambrose suddenly drew frightening shadows around him, like a cat with its hair standing up. The she-elf once again disappeared in green flame, but this time did not reappear; her equipment gone as well. Albor was unhappy with Ambrose's actions and Ambrose apologized for his outburst. The greenman explained Nyrissa was the consort of the dark fey, Nix Nobleblood. Nix was banished from the Cianna for his treachery and Nyrissa was greatly diminished in her power. Ambrose didn't know why she would have a herald in the world of men, but it didn't bode well.

The company returned to the river fort hoping that it hadn't been reclaimed by bandits again and were surprised to see it occupied by Blotch and several slaves wearing collars. In the night, Ambrose sent a message to the Cianna, reporting what he had seen at the pool. The slaves skinned tuskgutter and they ate boar that night. Triska felt proud of the usually shy Blotch taking command and flirted with him, to his chagrin. Triska's flirting culminated with her flashing her chest at him, embarrassing the young wizard.

Gremlins and kobolds

Once back at Oleg's the company notice the message board has a bounty for kobolds in the Kullands.

  • off to oleg's. look at bounties. decide to go after kobolds.
  • go north of spider nest. explore hex.
  • find bandit treasure trove. in side is a silvered elven longsword used to belong to the Lady of the Spider Tribe. It was stolen by Stag Lord's thieves.
  • next hex to be explored - old sycamore. is actually mawrion tree. triska knows gremlins are there, ambrose knows about gremlins. find dead kobolds with gremlin darts.
  • at the tree at twilight. rest amoung the roots.
  • ambrose's dream from the tree. sees the kobold Micus and a statue made of light.
  • albor finds the entrance.
  • ambrose sees two gremlins at the worshop and scares them away. Ambrose follows them down and into a nest of six more torturing the kobold A saw in his dream.
  • They free and heal the kobold, Micus.
  • Ambrose attempts to cross the chasm, but falls and so does Albor. A massive centipede them careens and attacks.
  • Next finds gremlins around the war table. Tick knocks over the table and bites Albor, putting him down. Triska kills the tick and they kill the Gremlins. They recover the statue, Ambrose finds a list and Micus tells of a ring that the koblods took from the Gremlins.
  • They finish the hex and move to the kobold site. Micus declares them kobold heroes.
  • They meet Tickbiter on the way and he berates Micus. He flies off and Micus explains the setup with Tarkus.
  • Arrive at the silver mine. Speak with the door guard, Nicus. They meet Sootscale and he smashes the statue and declares war on Tarkus. He kills the raven.
  • Tells the tallfolk that he will offer silver in exchange for defeating Tarkus's spirits.
  • Tarcus the False summons earth elementals.
  • albor names the sword Stonecarver. Actually has another name.
  • Sootscale promises AMbrose to guard the tree. Will evacuate the mine. gives sootscale black dragon scale

  • Explore silver mine hex
  • albor wants to scout the stag lord's castle
  • cross the river crossing and find the bandit camp
  • torturing horse
  • attack bandits, half go to sleep, albor kills the rallyer and the rest run.
  • 4 bandit prisoners. camp somewhere else.
  • go back to blotch's fort.
  • Verm horse has scars on shoulders and neck but is healed by Triska.
  • blotch takes in bandits. 2 are evil - one is a brewer and the other is a baker.
  • Head back to Oleg's.
  • meant to warn the hermit of the elkadrin.
  • Triska gives Oleg Svetlana's ring. He returns it to her, with Triska's supervision.
  • Albor buys half plate and raziah buys a wooden shield.
  • triska attempts all day to saddle the horse. succeeds.
  • spend night at post.
  • decide to head north to stag lord castle
  • tatzlwyrm battle
  • triska and her horse are poisoned. she throws up.
  • Albor cuts off the tatzlwyrm head.
  • horse dies.
  • camp at the site so triska can recover.
  • next day stop at blotch's and drop off tatz head.
  • triska takes blotch's horse.
  • camp in forest (boar hex)

Assault on the Stag Lord's castle

  • finds forest border at sunset and sees castle 8 miles away.
  • they ride to the castle at night in the new moon.
  • they had to force blotch to ride a horse - doesnt like horses.
  • investigate the castle.
  • they come lake side. triska notices the black sands and Ambrose confirms its dirgeland soil.
  • Albor investigates the palisade.
  • fight and make their stealth rolls.
  • triska climbs the wall and the rest folllows
  • albor clangs and alerts the guard in the watchtoweer.
  • guard comes down the stairs and triska trips him, raz slits throat.
  • triska stuffs under stairs.
  • raziah takes out tower guard.
  • they go back and conspire. voice shows up. Akiros. other guards, but akiros kills them.
  • He then leads the others into the main chamber and offs a number of guards. Dovan throws knife and frees albor. Owlbear wounds akiros.
  • Everyone fights and Dovan is blinded.
  • DOvan regains sight and runs to get stag lord, but the lord kills him.
  • Ambrose fears him, he runs back.
  • regains himself and fences albor, but albor falls.
  • Triska fells the lord and the helmet falls off the body as it spatters forward.
  • ambrose takes stag helm and bow to feyrealm
  • they search the castle and auchs surrenders.
  • Akiros warns them away from the crumbled room. they listen. he shows them secret passage.
  • stop by blotchs and drop off auchs.
  • go to oleg's

  • auchs tells funny old man is in cellar
  • they go down and find nuallan
  • triska feeds him goodberry and nuallan gives her a prophecy about red flowers and 'shes coming'
  • they wrap the man in an owlbear pelt and carry him out.
  • they have auchs pick up the chest full of trade goods and carry that out.
  • triska burnt the owlbear
  • go from blotchs to bukantastalk with injured svetlana raziah is suspicious
  • triska goes for fangberry patch
  • albor and raziah go to olegs
  • they have tatzlwyrm head with them.
  • Albor hires akiros as a patrolman between blotch and oleg's
  • Kjellen warns them about Akiros
  • albor speaks with oleg and turns in the tatzlworym head and they put the stag lord's head on a pike.
  • caravan with red krin and oldest woman ever
  • Raziah names "Fort Blotch"
  • spend night at oleg's
  • head to Fort Blotch.
  • triska tells bukantas that eladrin is not friendly.
  • svetlana will ride bnack with triska.
  • everyone meets at Fort Blotch.
  • triska tells them not to take too much lumber.
  • the smith gives a metal short bow to triska. it can trnasform into a longbow.
  • primal iron
  • essence of life
  • pertucular land
  • perticular shield
  • has bellows of primordeal air
  • smith has apprentice look after forge at blotch's
  • smith clears her smithy and that night phoenix burns into a 21 year old red head.
  • Albor and co heads to the boar hex and then to the bullywug hex
  • loud frogs in nights.
  • find dwarven coitadel
  • Here lies Radulf / Thachulf / Egbert Kofergern
  • Carl the bullywug
  • hex explored
  • next hex
  • troll tracks
  • find petras
  • find temple with troll
  • smith's krin is male.
  • defeat troll
  • triska makes friends with bear - bear shows them the healing pool
  • temple hex explored

Rivers Run Red

Building the kingdom

  • smith go back to fort blotch.
  • raziah is court skald officially. unofficial high end troubleshooter for family. like The Wolf.
  • albor heads to the stag lord's castle with triska.
  • raziah goes to oleg to sew propeganda about they're great and House Alija is poor. goes to Hamerstoc.
  • hamerstoc has no thieves guild. raziah makes effort to create one.
  • albor meets remants of the army who belive him to be a luitenant. he orders them at the castle. he begins to admin.
  • has triska be messenger between castle and other places. triska goes and fetches noshudumas and look at the dirgelands.
  • smith making halfplate +1.
  • raziah hears about the caravan.
  • raziah buys two elfwives. and a third younger one. Breyan Moonrose (entertainer, hot tempered), Ethionwy Dreamstar (woodworking, suspicious), Hylin Whitewillow (animals, curious). All from Quiet Rat Tribe. Mohawks were shaved, now have shaggy.
  • Elves are prone to iron deficent anemia.
  • Raziah joins caravan and sees Lady Ingrid.
  • Ingrid is hard to read.
  • Raziah begins recruiting and finding masters to give letters of introduction to Blotch.
  • arrive at Oleg's.
  • smith is finished with armor before raziah arrives. half plate is not otlandic in design. she heads to the castle. with triska.
  • armor; green highlights. etched feather design with gold tips. decorative owlbear claws on gauntlets. Owlbear helm open faced helmet. greeves etched as talons. smithmark not on the armor.
  • dress cloak is velvetine with dark green edged with red. armored cloaks. hidden cloak clasps connect at shoulder.
  • Owlhold Castle.
  • Ramund finishes the banner.
  • Nashurdumas tells that a man who has strong enough faith can remove the curse of the land. He will send word to the emenant church for such a thing. he heads back to oleg's.
  • blotch sends an illusionary message to albor notifiying him of the knights heading their way.
  • albor prepares a feast.
  • ingrid arrives and albor meets her. they enter owlhold and she gives albor the charter of ulership.
  • smith is annoyed at the quality of the knight's armor.
  • lake is Called Dwr Ysgithr
  • smith asks ingrid to the side after dinner. asks for her stance, ingrid refuses. smith asks for her sword. it is masterwook and smith calls it 'decent'. smith gives her a list of materials and leaves.
  • albor sends letters to the house. requests help.
  • albor, indrig and msith heads back to oleg's. raziah stays at olwhold.
  • lunar infused mitharl, sought by smith.
  • oleg posts his town sign but misspels it as Olgham.

Neutral Good
Ruler: Albor
General: Akiros
Warden: Kjellen
Spymaster: Raziah
High Magister: Blotch
Marshal: Triska

  • Ingrid is only child. (Not actually Irmantas's child?). She will not take a husband unless she is defeated. three have challenged but only one knew how to fight. She killed him.
  • Ser Hobbs and Ser Calvin.
  • that night albor sleeps in tent provided by a knight. they talk of their confidence as leaders. alboir reassurs her.
  • "Positions are not given. They are forged."
  • she tells him he will make a fine king.
  • albor rallies his people and leads the north to Owlhold.
  • Ingrid says goodby to albor at olgham and aska request of the new king. "Draw your blades"
  • Albor wins by the skin of his teeth.
  • During razieh's stay at blotch's he awakes to the sound of only two shipsering voices and bryane is gone. Raziah goes out to find her. She comes out from behing the bushes and fires an arrow that hits a viper next to raziah's head. she is cleaning a deer. he tells her she shouldnt forget her letter. and leaves her to return in the morning.

"I don't have a home" —Akiros

  • minotaur battle naval akiros.
  • noble daughter wanted to get married. hius master takes the girl and akiro takes her. had to run. AKiros says he will leave in the morning.
  • akiros returns in the morning what king of king do you what you want to be.
  • "I dont think any king know what king they're going to be. most want to be good ones."
  • albor goes to shake, but akiros kneels. He takes an oath to watch Albor and iuf albor doesnt be a good king, akiros will be there to deal with him. Is knighted. albor sees his blade reflect the sun and outshines akiro's scar for a moment.
  • akiros swore an oath of veangence.
  • moontouched mithral and suntouched amber.
  • life and iron were for the forge. already has primordeal wind and fire.
  • explore river rossing hex.
  • explore berry hex.
  • explore bridge hex. rickety bridge. albor's horse's leg punches through the bridge, but is unharmed and everyone crosses fine. horse drops to the rivine. Dreamstar makes the dive. Raziah asks bryane to go back with whitewillow to the capital.
  • explore gold min hex.
  • explore fairy nest hex. Gyr Gaire and Percevus. psuedo dragon.
  • raziah has flowers in his hair.
  • raziah ties an iron nail around his neck on advice from the smith.
  • albor tewlls raziah that fey would be as likely to put flowers in your haitr as a needle in your eye.
  • Albor wakes the next mroning to find a needle near his head.
  • albor falls asleep.
  • explore hex south of fairy.
  • party tries to guess who the smith is working for. and why.
  • go to oleg's and look for court positions.
  • smith and Raziah go to Hamerstoc to look for people and Albor goes to Owlhold, guiding more homesteaders. with akiros.
  • the first night, albor is plagues with mishapps anbd then walks into his tent and sees a small red dragon snarling. albor leaves and the snarls turn to laught and the dragon is gone.
  • fey leave them alone now.
  • got to hamstoc and see earl. wait a day, but get quarters in the castle. earl wonders why they need help when the other kingdoms have not requested any.
  • man at arms bestows a gift from the earl - a silvered chalice with pearls inlaid.
  • raziah member of the Intercity Mercer's Guild.
  • Mercer Guildhall in Hamerstoc.
  • Raziah and smith stay in hamerstoc for a week to wait for the guild master.
  • smith notes import/export.
  • akiros mentions his desire to build a chapel.
  • new quest - find akiros a wife.
  • smith takes blotch and her forge to the castle.

clean appearance
high int
low dex
enunciates overly

str 10
dex 7
con 11
int 17
wis 13
cha 13

  • nashurdumas accepts to be the high priest.
  • claim river crossing hex.
  • Fishery on capital hex.
  • build houses in capital.
  • go to Nettle's Crossing.
  • smith rings bell and conjurs the undead ,man. family and he was kileld by stag lord i want to see his cropse.
  • they go and fetch the lord's head fromn his pike at oplegs and return. he accept the head and expalins his father was a sorcerer and his stash is untouched by the stag lord under the floorboars of his house
  • hollow under the floorboards two fingure - a raven and an owl. but are both animals messengers. silvered.
  • sent owl to akiros "i have a sweet owl"
  • go back to capital. rest there.
  • explore gnomes hex.
  • at least two month have passed.
  • find expedition and help with wagons.
  • Judicael believes thaey are joking when they call ALbor the king.
  • Judicael is cary elwes voise.
  • akiros made chapel.
  • smith is anti-deity.
  • people tell albor that akiros that he got rid of the black soil. akiros is praying in church and tells albor that he was awoken in the night by a whispered bvoice who brought him to the dirge., he was unafriad and an undead man greeted him. he was calm and held his holy symbol forth. the man lied back down and the sun rose to reveal the ground no omnger black.

  • raziah recieves letter from servion
  • R requests House Sorensval of Ornvalla transfer Servion to Owlhold in exchange for the good graces of Wynfall. will cover cost of transport and promise to carry out justice.
  • Triska takes the Marshall position. reluctantly.
  • triska continues to train the horse of the different color.
  • Judicael is hired as Marshall's hand, basically secretary.
  • nashurdumas talks with raz and they conspire to unlock the omnicron dooms.
  • Raz and SMith explore the worg hex.
  • Wivan warns of the worg and tries to track it
  • ambush by wolves.
  • second wave of wolves and another worg.
  • Howl's mate bugs out.
  • Explore worg hex.
  • back to owlhold.
  • 3 farms
  • Wivan did not know of the disappearance of her clan.
  • blotch was holding albor in the libary to teach him about taxation, zoning and other admin things.
  • albor aswks wivan about the threat and she is evasive.
  • primordeial iron
  • prim life
  • amber tree has been perpetually bathed sunlight
  • mithril touched by moon.

King of the Forest

  • asks wivan where these things are - she says they should speak to the king of the forest.
  • head out towards the forest of the king with Wivin and Breyan. All mounted.
  • wivin tells of the swamp witch. they decide to get rid of her.
  • find hut and walk in. fight scarecrow.
  • smith asks hag if she eats children. albor kicks in the door.
  • smith falls asleep due to spell.
  • raziah thunderwaves, knocks elga agasinst the wall and destroys all her things.
  • albor is charmed and get inbetween raziah and the witch. raziah thunderwaves again.
  • casts hideous laughter on raziah and albor takes him out of the hut. albor looks back in the hut and sees a raven on the window sill and it flies away.
  • wivin tries to clean up hut. finds spell staff, potion of plant growth, potion of healing, and bag of magic beans.
  • wivin doesnt know how to write common. only knows how to write in dwarven and druidic cypher.
  • wivin wants to write a letter of apology, but others aren't willing to write down such a thing. Wivin beleives this is due to distrust of magic users.
  • smith writes an IOU that the holder may collect a debt from Wivin at an amount TBD.
  • come to the haunted lake and see dancing lights at night. decide to move along. wivin says the lake is haunted. Breyan says the lights are the tortured souls of the dead.
  • raziah hears screaming child from inside the island with the lizardfolk
  • albor swims across and ties off rope, wivin is constrictor the rest use the rope.
  • smith runs to the gate, albor climbs wall with style and attacks.
  • albor runs through the village looking for the screaming.
  • Albor kills lizard king.
  • primal power enstrrengthen wivin - has price.
  • albor is walking on the water towards the ruins on the lake following a will o wisp.
  • wivin gets the boy down and the village is looted.

  • raziah heads back to owlhold to get reinforcements. taking child with him.
  • party rests
  • Crystal tower
  • crystalized corpse of large naga.
  • aventi script
  • Wivin turns into dire wolf and casts water wlk and carries the sMith across the water.
  • dwarf clans found in each city. Wivin's clan exists but has no central leadership. civil war.
  • Greatest fear: responsibility.
  • "I didn't ask to be king"
  • albor's elven blade is finesse weapon.
  • defeat wow and investigate tower
  • first floor throne room
  • second room chambers
  • third - treasury.
  • windows are tranbspartent sectiopn odf crystal
  • ring - coral - beacon
  • crown - obsidian - unbreakable; see through mist/cloud
  • couatl statue - adamantine - unbreakable
  • Dagger - Legendsbane
  • 4 discs 80 pounds each - 8000 gold worth.
  • smith stabs the tower and its tries to heal itself
  • smith sees circutry in the broken remains of the crystal guard.
  • smith fucks with the dead naga.
  • jade eyes - size of ostrich eggs.
  • short rest.
  • Wivin burns the corpse of the naga.
  • leave s/e.
  • mounts are back at lizardfolk camp.
  • head west along the bank.
  • swim across the river
  • albor sends a message via owl to raziah that he's ok.
  • continue to the village.
  • arrive at the village. call their mounts.
  • smith is trying to create glasssteel and wants albor's help.
  • explore lizardfolk hex.
  • ambrose was on a Princ eof the forest, not the king.
  • find wyvern
  • summon cave bear
  • defeat wyvern
  • princes of the forest come out
  • king of the forest come out
  • wivin greets the king
  • smith asks about the things she needs.
  • king gives locations and vision of red flower to albor.
  • wivin skins the wyvern.
  • return to owlhold.

  • raziah invented origami
  • albor asks via letter if Oleg wishes to be grand
  • diplomat. he wants to be treasurer and reccommends svetlana for councilor.
  • beldame wilkl get her revenge on the city via garona storyline.
  • Albor sends out "try outs" for grand diplomat.
  • Loy approaches Albor for sponsorship. ALbor plants him as grand diplomat.
  • admin cycle.
  • albor b-day - 7 Scorpii
  • solstices + equinoxes + bday + founding
  • claim bridge hex.
  • built 2 farms first month and 1 the second. one in each hex prior to this turn.
  • built fishery on owlhold.
  • new farm in bridge hex. 4 bp. (1 month)
  • road hex in capital (1 month) 3 bp.
  • Owlhold has castle and 2 houses. +4 corruption in Owlhold.

Agar Tanlangan

  • explore horse hex.
  • move to tatlz hex.
  • loy has joined them on this outing.
  • Tatzlwyrms skin look like naga skin.
  • loy commends the pcs and begins surveying.
  • rest of the day gathering tatzlwyrm hoard.
  • red steel gives disadvantage on electricity saves and also gets around immunity and resistance against magic, iron and silver.
  • sword belonged to House Prime. how did it get here?
  • breastplate also has markings of house prime.
  • map marks is marked as "frogs" and "stone man"
  • Loy helps explore the area and stays there while the party moves on.
  • explore tatzl hex while smith takes lpoy back to owlhold and return to albor at tatlz crossing.
  • party heads to stone man hex.
  • finad giant iron man. idol of ornus.
  • normal iron is ornus's chaff from his forge.
  • vartthallan steel is the steel ornus uses. primordeal iron is ornus's blood. giants have a different name to him.
  • abandonned bandit camp.
  • smith says she doesnt want to make a mine due to respect.
  • smith cannot mine the iron without damaging it. Only Albor may mine it.
  • explore stone man hex.
  • all go back to owlhold. smith grabs forge, cart, workers. speaks with Blotch and the wizard gives her Ramund for help.
  • they all go back to the stone man.
  • smith finds that she cannot mine the iron.
  • wivin offers prayers to ornus.
  • single day of mining before trying new things.
  • albor extracts perfectly. Trueiron.
  • smith instantly becomes beholden to Albor and interested in his destiny.
  • arm mortals with the essence of mortality itself.
  • linked directly to the sword. - smith's mission.
  • "there will be a timne when the gods will not longer be close."
  • "dont make my beleifs out to be some trite hatred of gods. its more than that."
  • triska's bow will take generations to accrue power.
  • triska will over time hand it to the leader of the ranger's guild. bow will choose the leader.
  • aeonus's goal is to surpass the gods.
  • "mortals will one day have to take the place of the gods. Not become gods. But to take their place in the ruling of the world."
  • "You speak with quite a bit of conviction, but i can't decide whether that makes you sounds more or less crazy." - albor
  • maybe the pheonix is waiting til the gods are out of play for it to play its hand.
  • wants a crown made of Trueiron.
  • if the gods do withdraw from the world the far planes will have a heyday.
  • albor continues to mine.
  • smith must make albor lunches for the rest of the mining.
  • wivin making tatzlwyrm scabbards and other goods.
  • albor takes a week to mine the ore enough for a massive anvil.
  • true iron can be combined into truely solid shapes instead of piecework.
  • albor works fevorish during the nights. when his task was doen, the iron statue looks at him and reaches out to him with his index finger and speaks with the very ground.
  • "Agar Tanlangan"
  • Ramund witnesses this and wakes the smith. ramund has witnessed a miracle.
  • albor tells smith. wivin asks ramund.
  • albor's starting blades now hang over his fireplace.
  • my pass them down to his children.
  • they all head back to owlhold.
  • smith crafts ancil and crown.

The Tzalathos Sisters

  • admin cycle.
  • wivin make green wyvern armor.
  • Scorpii 1st; House Sollemnus comes to roost in Owlhold.
  • lars - really good at the board game "Mercenaries". fidgets and suspicious.
  • also bodyguards and personal administrator.
  • lisken has nothing better to do.
  • brought furnature and bags of money.
  • introduce albor to the future bride sisters.
  • sabina is matter of fact.
  • lisken is welcome to stay as lomng as she wants.
  • choose bride before coronation in a week.
  • i can decide blotch's real name. Blaotch is Chal.
  • erigone seems creepy.
  • partial to danae.

  • note: In addition, if the PCs make Stag Lord's Castle their capital city, their nation gains a +1 bonus on Economy, Loyalty, and Stability due to its centralized location and ease of defense.


both parents alive
basard born
mother unknown
biological twin brother
lived in drow city

Mentor is Saphriel
hates being called Sapphy esp 'Uncle Sapphy'

twin brother enemy - Gelnor

servion in jail

albor is interested in sending a team lead by triska and raziah to get him out of prison.

akiros had to sell his paladin regalia for food.

smith build throne?

triska/blotch ship name Butterscotch

albor puts hold on noble titles

send triska to elves? simple diplomacy.

Triska to elves
Invite Alija to Owlhold

fake death certificate for akiros. will choose new name. Dominic maybe.

Nuisurdumas palces the crown on the king's head.

key members of the community come to coronation and give blessings.

smith and wivin swear fealty

royal cloak - owlbear feathers - bear hide - ermine trim.

against church doctrine to have a brand or tattoo

raziah, Loy are knighted

barony to blotch. Lord Gergel.

house alija attends coronation

triska still gone, but knighthood is intended to her should she return.

legend has it that the stag lord's is still in the river and speaks to those who pass.

boar hunting with erigone and dane; wivin and akiros.

dane hesitate and erigone makes he kill

wivin consols dane over not able to make the kill.

albor decides to take a trip into unexplored hex. has camping gear.

takes day to explore hex (delicate situation)

Melvacan the nixie

albor, akiros and wivin

corax - surprisingly elequent

nixie gives a year and a day to replace five trees - or will be rep;laced with the bodies of five men.

albor values compromise.

lumberjacks and wivin (as a bear) tear up the stumps.

takes time to remove stumps and move the logs.

wivin does 8 hour ritual to grow trees. (2 days worth)

corax commisioned to carve throne.

dane shows healer chops in corax's village.

erigone fan of children

ritual is complete and trees are there.

priest hasnt been to the village in a while.

wivin gives healing kits to village as gift on behalf of the kingdom.

"long live the iron king" +2 stability.

return to owlhold

albor mentioned a sword for indrid and hes like "what sword"

Pyakland - rushlight - discuss with ingrid.

"I have a kingdom's future to think of and I can't risk that future for what is ultimately a minor house."

Albor looses the support of House Sollumnus and House Tzalathos.

at end of winter - both houses leave.

during winter - no exploration - but may claim.

raziah trains elves. send them to hamerstoc as liasons to guild.

begin seeds of guild in owlhold.

smith working on glassteel - other metal works

wivin leaves to make contact with bullywug dude.


Judicael is marshal

claim hex.

build mine on gold mine - econ +2

6 bp canal on gold mine hex

tax up to normal

Loy is given 2,000gp to negotioate Servion's ransom.

another 10,000 to the treasurey from the guild


claim Fort Blotch - River and fort

add farm at gold mine

sawmill at the fort

build town hall next to castle to east

Event - Building demand - tavern


claim berry patch

farm at berry patch

road on river crossing

build tavern between house and town hall

tax fall back to light at end of winter

end of winter

First day of spring

corax presents throne. carved single piece of goldwood.

albor names corax as guildmaster of woodworker's guild.

albor sends out for adventurers to seek out triska.

Sarnor the Drow

Sarnor is from Abbuth. (a-booth)

Sarnor is harry potter

Sarnor wont shut up.

drow teach sword fighting. celestials taught sorcery.

touching saphiriel's mane is taboo

ambrose summons water on Sarnor

ambrose has sprite familiar

spirte suggests taking sarnor to blotch.

"I did not decide there should be a sky" - Sarnor

ambnrose yells drow in the village.

sarnor grabs clothes from varnhold.

invisable run through house to grab food.

sarnor rather be naked then steal clothes

ambrose gives sarns spare clothes.

spider tribe of elves surround with spiders. triska is there.

iron giant hex and lizard hex + ne hex explored. + tatzlwyrm hex explored.

stallion hors eof a different color. has feather fall. also glows in dark. immune to charm. glows only under moonshine. has a white moon shaped star on head.

triska avoids the dead forest and tries to avoid guards.

triska steers clear of varnhold. sees rider on hills far away

elf steals her bag, triska chases. meets Camyth - eating her food. camyth assumes triska is slaver. offers to take her to tribe.

camyth takes triska to elf tribe on procesion. wartheg is angry but will attempt to prove her worth. triska gives her missive, but wartheg gives it away.

wartheg invites triska to winter wild hunt. triska accepts.

triska and Camyth become friends.

Camyth is puckish and troublmakedr-some.

camyth takes triska to dead forest and they see elder treant corpse.

sarnor visits varnhold sees daughter get hit - cheers her up.

Vyla is the little girl.

triska and elves meet sarnor and ambrose. camyth and wartheg want to kill drow. triska is convinced by ambrose not to kill sdarnor. wartheg gives him to her and releases her from the wild hunt. "Winter is over."

ambrose is more arrogant and condescending (might be due to spring). is more mature as the year goes along. Old man ambrose during the winter.

psychotrobes cause ambrose to give off pollon. is afrodesiac.

Sarnor may or may not have eaten his baby brother.

tower on talon peak is ancient dwarven.

decide whether or not to climb thee peak ot face the roc.

head to the lake - get to mud - head back to wynfall.

return to owlhold. all pcs have pow wow.

spider patterns on elves due to wild hunt elaboration.

ser dominic aggrtessive fighter.

drow sword made from alchemical steel.

ambrose hired s the envoy to the fey.

give ambrose five months to gather team to probe into forest to find out things. (five months before tournament)

Smith works on glassteel more.

Dominic suggest making Sarnor into an owlcloak. Albor agrees.

New A-Team

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