Age of Kings

The Age of Kings is period of history ranging from the Moonfall (692 PI) to the Convention of All Nations (1 PI).

The Age of Kings included the first sustained urbanization of northern and western Nora. Many cultures and practices owe their origins to events and trends in the Age of Kings; present political boundaries are, in many regards, the result of the military and dynastic outcomes during this period.

Origins: The Demon Wars

The Moonfall

The Years Without Light

The Godwars

Breakdown of Aquarian Society

The Church of Light

The Emergence of Arcane Magic

The Four Brothers Era

The Northwar

Autumn War

Tiefling Invasions

Yellow Sash Rebellion

War of the Coranthian Dukes

Burning Wars

Eight Banners Army

Science and Technology

The Dark Empire

The Twilight Wars

War Against the Darkness


This time is marked by the first appearance of worship of the Twelve Gods and the founding of the Church of Light.

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