Afvaldr Wyrmslayer
Afvaldr, son of Helga
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Byen, Midgard
Date of Birth (Age 31)
Home Byen
Physical Description
Race Human, Midgardian
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Grey
Family Information
Family Members Helga (mother)
Afhildr (son)
Alferin (brother)
Occupation Seiðr

Afvaldr, son of Helga is a midgardian shaman. A member of the Steel Tribe, he was born in Byen on the Isle of Berk. His village destroyed by Járnsaxa the Verbeeg Queen and left for dead, he was later brought back to life.

His mentor was Gróa, the hag. His son is Afhildr. His father's identity is unknown.


Early Years

The Death of Afvaldr

As Afvaldr was communing in the forest, his brother, Alferin, came to tell him that he was chosen to join the Brothers of the Golden Hall, the elite guard of Thulgard. He asked his brother to perform augury to foretell his good luck, but Afvaldr saw only a broken ship still in the harbor.

Afvaldr went to the Hag's Cave outside of town and she split a live cat and read its entrails saying "We shall not survive the night." The town came under attack by goblins, ogres and giants. Afvaldr sent his ten year old son out of the town with his mother toward his grove, Sinnsroskogholt, and fought against the monsters. The army, lead by Queen Járnsaxa, quickly swept over the town and conquered. Alferin was tossed off a cliff by an ogre into the sea and Afvaldr was beaten near death by giants.

Afvaldr saw the verbeeg queen ask the giants if they found "it" and they informed her they were still looking. They told her that all the people that ran from the town were devoured by the iron dragon Ögätet. Afvaldr tried to curse the queen, but she drove her spear through his chest and he died.

The Drake of Maskli

Afvaldr thought he saw a black mare standing over him and he heard a voice "What if you lived?" He then awoke to find himself on a beach with a man, Dumar, son of Kelvar. They decided that they needed to travel to Thulgard to tell them about the fleet of giants. Together, they traveled to the Fire Tribe port town of Maskli.

There they discover Lord Ulfar closed the port due to the sea drake, Alushyökyaalto, smashing ships coming in and out of the bay. Ulfar has spread word that whoever defeats the drake will win Alfang, a golden axe created by the goddess Threja. Afvaldr and Dumar headed toward the drake's cove and were attacked by mercenaries hired by Ellar, son of Ulfar.

They reached to cove and tried to reason with the dragon, but it had struck a deal with Ellar to smash the ships until Ellar "solves" the problem and takes the lordship. The dragon refused to recall the deal. Afvaldr and Dumar kill the dragon and it curses them that the sea will always be their enemy. They sail its corpse back to Maskli. They tell the lord of his son's treachery though he decides to do nothing.

A week later, a Wolf Tribe ship came into port and Captain Olrik agreed to take them, however Thulgard is their third destination, but if they can wait and agree to work along with the crew, they may join the voyage. Afvaldr and Dumar agree.


Spirit Companion

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