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Aliases City of Fortune
Size Metropolis
Location vitezza, Canstice
Ruler ?
Population 34,000
Exports ?

Aeros, the City of Fortune, is a city in southern Canstice. Famous for its casinos, artistic atmosphere and the duality of both the high class sophistication and the rough and tumble nightlife. Once a frontier village surrounded by hostile forest, Aeros now is visited by thousands of tourists every year. A mecca of fashion, art and trade, the poor come to be rich and the strange come to be noticed. Circuses and bards abound in this place, and an onlooker rarely is able to look in a direction without seeing a show of some sort.

Aeros was an unremarkable timber town for the longest part of its existence until the 13th century when it began to rapidly grow. Common belief attributes the Red Rose organization and its mysterious leader, the Dark Lady, to be responsible for its prosperity.

Built mostly over a river, canals flow through the city adding to its romantic atmosphere. Many poets gain their muses from the reflections of its waters. But the heart of the city is its gambling houses. Big and small, almost every building caters to some sort of game. Whether it be dragonchess, three dragon ante, krinfyra races or any other chance to lose ones gil, it can be found. Aeros is also known in dark circles for its sordid nightlife.

The elite city guard known as the Jacks of Blades (or “Jacks”) serve as police, guides, and gambling dispute moderators. Jacks are respected but seen as a corrupt and hard handed force. Because of this reputation, their roster is anonymous and they wear half-masks to protect them from any “payback”.

A cosmopolitan mix of races with a notable population of half-elves, halflings and minotaurs.




Dark Empire

Logging Town


Aeros at night


Queen of Hearts

Knight of Swords

King of Wands


Bishop of Coins

Home to the Canals and the most expensive casinos, inns and brothels. Entertainment district.

Notable Personalities

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