Type ?
Leader ?
Alignment Any
Headquarters None
Goals The acquisition of personal power
Scope ?
Structure ?
Members ?

"I used to be a single voice that vanished in a crowd
Vague just like a distant sun when hidden by the clouds
Found a way to surface and to speak my truth aloud
Be powerful, stand fast and proud"

The Aeonus (giant: Ænir) is a secret order of fellows with the shared desire for power at any cost.

Aeonios means "age lasting" and refers to the time periods for accomplishing the purposes of Gods.



The Order was founded by Aquarian emperor Septimus Severus.

Four Brothers Era

During the Four Brothers Era, the focus of personal power shifted to the acquisition of political power. The alliances of powerful nobles transcended kingdom lines with the attempt to help broker peace at any cost while simultaneously boosting their own positions.

Later Mentions

The last known record of the order was from c400 NS.

Notable Members


  • Midgardian paladin female
  • lorasian king
  • desert wanderer in seruzhar
  • son of a vathroni duke
  • osian gladiator
  • elven warlord / despot / usurper
  • three dragonborn brothers in arms
  • lorasian gun mage
  • master of illusion


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